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38 weeks pregnant today and really fed up!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and sooo fed up. been off work since 33 weeks because of back pain, and the last couple of weeks I have been able to get out and about and keep myself busy but since Friday I've not been able to leave the house. Got bad sickness and diarrhoea, stomach cramps and just feeling generally crappy. Thought at first that labour was maybe starting, because some midwifes say sickness and diarrhoea can be your body's way of gearing up for labour, but I have given up all hope that baby is going to come anytime soon. I am just so bored of being in the house, but feel too crap and massive to leave, feel really lonely because my fiancé and all my friends and family work full time 9-5 jobs so have nothing to do at all during the day and theres only soo much crappt tv a person can watch without going mad! I know I only have 2 more weeks to go but the thought of another day in the house on my own is making me want to cry! I just feel useless! Sorry for the big rant but really needed to get that off my chest haha! thanks for listening girlies, is anyone else feeling the same or am I just a nutter lol?

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Nope!! Your not a nutter. I took holiday leave at 34+2 wks for 10 days which was awesome as I was already struggling with my Job and linked this to Mat leave starting at 36 wks, again still enjoying not being at work and fairly active at home.

I am now 38+6 and in pain everyday with SPD, I feel so heavy, my feet & ankles swell & hurt so much that I would probably say I can be up and about for a few hours in the morning but they really start to hurt then am on bum for rest of day. Even getting to to toilet is a struggle despite constantly taking paracetamol but am so much worse without it.

I eat like a horse still but have a little regurg and my tummy too not as it was the whole pregnancy.

I have my 1st sweep tomorrow and induction booked in 8 days. I drink raspberry leaf tea, eat pineapple & try best to rotate hips & bounce on ball daily to help bring labor on.

Like you I do not go out as don't want to be on my own, my OH has a few days off now. He was supposed to work today but he got cover to help me here. I find my spirits are generally better when he is here so I do understand the loneliness and this is why I think many of us towards the end of our pregnancies have more of a presence on this site & prob Facebook as well.

Won't be long now hunni, we'll all get to the finish line together :) Xx


Sorry to hear ur poorly.. hope u Start to feel better and then cherish every moment ... cos it will def be different when baby comes! Not Long to go now any day! I'm glad my little ones are back at school tmw I have found it really hard work and there is still so much to do! So Hopefully I can get the rest done before this little one appears! :)


Thanks guys, its good to know that I'm not alone in this! The mr is home from work now and came home with bags full of goodies and junk food so that cheered me up, so not feeling as low as I was earlier. I just pray to god that little miss decides to come on time or a wee bit early because I can't imagine how I would feel if I was overdue! Babymother, I don't know how you manage being pregnant with kids as well, I'm feeling that looking after myself is exhausting enough I can't imagine looking after kids as well, I take my hat off to u!

I'm going to try and get a good night sleep and hope I feel in a better mood tomorrow, thanks for everything girls you made me smile x


:) x


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