35+1wks Feeling very sorry for myself!

For the 10th night running im up after having about 2hours sleep! Seriously uncomfortable, and in a huge about of pain (with nothing to take that even remotely helps)and if that wasn't enough my asthma's playing up and my body has decided to throw sickness into the mix!! Seriously dont know how much more of this I can take!!

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  • Hi there, you sound like you are having a really hard time of it you poor thing. I can really appreciate the lack of sleep problem I'm 33 weeks and I'm really starting to suffer, I get dreadful heartburn constantly too. I find that relaxing can be really hard when you know that you're not going to get the rest you'd like. What I find helps is swimming (well more floating and relaxing really). The water bears my weight and shape (taking the pressure off the compensating muscles reducing aches and pains), I can do as much or as little as I like and I always feel refreshed so consequently I'm able to relax and sleep a bit better. I hope this helps :)

  • U sound like me at that stage..had such bad side strain due to my ligaments stretching and it was when it was really hot but I laid on a hot water bottle for about a week. I wud recommend swimming aswell as mamacool says it really helped...dont actually swim just float and stretch. I also found tht the deep heat freeze spray helped me and its fine too use. I sympathise with the sickness as I hav been sick every day from day one and am due this sat so i feel ur pain as I now cant even eat dinner cz I am ill over night. Now u need to start winding down and starting to relax...easier said than done. I find tht if I dont sleep at night I will sleep in the day which isnt ideal but its btr than no sleep. Hav u seen someone about ur asthma? Take care and as people say to me it will b worth it which I kno deep down and life cud b a whole lot worse. Xx

  • Oh Bless u.... not too long to go now but about ur asthma Pls go and see ur g.p mine has been bad but I was just plodding along but then it got really bad andi was in and out of hospital over a week... it's never been so bad in my life! It's Like it built up and then i couldn't control it they have given me Oral steroids now which have made a massive difference.. also if ur oxygen levels are low then u def need to see ur g.p today, that will affect how u are feeling too. .. and u don't want it bad in labour asu will need ur strength... so Pls see ur g.p today as I know how awful I felt and I hope u Start to feel better x

  • I did try and go to the drs yesterday but they had no available appointments even tho I rang as soon as they opened! Am guna try again today

  • tell them u want an emergency appointment and ur preg and really struggling x

  • Managed to get one but had to have an argument about it!

  • So steroids it is! Really worried about taking them tho coz noy sure what effect they may have on baby!! Xx

  • Am sure they will only give you a safe dose, I got a really bad cat bite at work & was really worried about taking antibiotics as I knew would need to have two types. I did get a safer lower dose X

  • Did They give u prednisilone? That's what I'm on been told by everyone that they are ok for 5 days dr fluffy on here told me they aren't as strong as the steriods they give u if baby is coming early and they give u steriods to mature baby's lungs hope u Start to feel better they work within 24 hours x

  • Yeah they did! Also give me a full check over including an internal (not sure that was completely necessary) and found that im 3/5 engaged and my cervix is soft and low but still closed! At least its some progress lol

  • They can give u bad heartburn and indigestion so stock up on rennie or gsviscon. .. hopefully it won't be too long for u then :)

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