I'm 28+2 weeks. Have had stomach ache since friday. I just feel dreadful. Its not getting better. Should I see GP? Or is this normal?

I had bad diarrhoea on friday (sorry for the details) but nothing since. Except I still keep getting the stomach pain like diarrhoea is coming on but then nothing. I usually suffer with constipation. And the skin over my tummy is extremely tender to touch, a bit like when you have flu but its just the skin on the belly.

The other thing is that I'm constantly weeing and even 10 mins after going I feel the need to go again, but I think this is normal as baby gets bigger.

Baby has been wriggling around as usual so that's good but I'm just so tired. I have absolutely no energy to do anything :-(

I've rested this afternoon but when I do nothing it feels a bit better but then the moment I get up it really hurts again

I just don't know whether its worth going to gp or staying off work and just resting at home tomorrow?

Or should i stop worrying as this normal for this stage is pregnancy

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Always go to your gp just to make sure, but i had something very similar, bad stomach then needing the loo desperately then constipation then next day very loose, I just felt rotten and down but it wore off after a week or so. But always go to the gp it may be nothing just the joys of pregnancy! But it's not worth the risk! But as far as no energy goes join the club, I can't seem to motivate myself to do even the quickest simplest of jobs.


With My second I had a sore stomach where u couldn't touch it it was so sore and after 24 hours (it kept me up all night) I phoned maternity and went on they took my bloods and it showed an infection but they didn't know what but was treated with intravenous antibiotics... so I would say def get checked over anything or of the ordinary should be checked x



Could this be the cause / effect of something you may have ate maybe?

the reason i ask is because if i eat something just a Lil on the spicy side these days i find it makes my tummy a bit upset & i get a bit of diahoreha.

You also said your tummy feels a bit numb too which is a bit more worrying so id say its probably best to get that checked out to be on the safe side.

my advise is to get some rest tonight & see how you feel in the morning



Thanks guys.

I haven't even got out of bed yet and my stomach just feels so sore. I think I'll go to see my gp today

But what could it be. Getting a bit worried now :-(


Ring ur triage maternity dept they are the best ones to call cos they can do all the checks and get the results in a few hours whereas g.p hadn't got access to same facilities. .I Went to my. G.p and they only naive checks went to triage and ended up staying in 4 days


Yes def ring maternity. .tell them ur bump is numb and u feel lethargic etc..better to go to maternity unit first as babymother says thry can do stuff there and then whereas a gp might not do an awful lot.


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