Bump seems to be growing on my righthand side and not in the middle. Is this common and does it even out in time?

Im 22 weeks pregnant an since my bump reached my belly button (3 weeks ago) it has moved to the right hand side, so im flat to the left of my belly button and all bump to the right. Have had some pain at the top of bump aswel. Normal or not? This is 1st baby and have had 11 miscarriages before, all prior to 14 weeks so im also a bit paranoid. ( a lot paranoid lol)

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  • My baby has been on my right side pretty much through the whole pregnancy! Some days worse than others and I'm all lopsided looking haha! Then baby moves and it evens out. Sounds like your baby be preferring your right side too. Mine is now fully engaged and yet has decided to lean back to the right again so their back and bum sticks out on that side sometimes!! Crazy kiddies :-)

  • Oh and I've been very sore top of bump for ages now.....I was told by the midwife it's common (it also goes numb after a while) due to skin stretching and weight pulling your skin down x

  • Thank you so much for your answer, i feel so much better, my belly looks really mutant, ive been staring at everyone elses bumps and they all look lovely and round (i sound like i have a bump fetish lol) i am having monthy scans due to my history with the next one due on wednesday so i know if there was a problem the hospital would notice :-) im just hoping to feel baby move soon as that would be so reassuring. Cheers again

  • And maybe baby moving will even you out ;-) lol. No probs :-) enjoy your next scan! x

  • same here, much of the time was spend on the right or transverse with bum still on the right. We have more central days now as head is a little bit engaged but still he/she wiggles into the right :) x

  • Same here hon, bump sticks out loads on the right hand side, am 38 weeks and has done pretty much since I had a bump. Looks quite funny! X

  • Thanks ladies

    Guess i was taken in by the pregnancy model image, neat breasts and nice round bump, instead i have one boob bigger than the other a mutant bump and a sudden onset of varicose veins in one leg. Coupled with some vomiting and heartburn gosh pregnancy is attractive. Only 18 more weeks to go:-)

  • Haha! Neat boobs!! Pre pregnancy my left boob has always been a bit bigger and having big boobs anyway, now when I'm undressed with the massive bump too I look something akin to a pregnant gorilla (with stretch marks) with my boobs resting on my bump! My boyfriend is one lucky fella haha!! x

  • Mine hung out on the right for the entire pregnancy! I popped him on my chest this week and realised I could remember the exact angle of his bum on the inside as it looked on the outside!

  • think they just like making shapes. Mine sat to the right most of the time, tends to manage to make a neat bump when we see the docs etc, they always ask if I'm getting plenty of movement and aren't I lucky to have such a small neat bump. they haven't seen the 'alien effect' of earlier on where kept pushing head upwards at left of my belly button or now has less room (35 wks) the general feet and hand shapes that keep sticking out at all angles. seems knows when we have a medical professional about and hides. Had to have two anomaly scans cos kept pushing away from sonographer. Think funny shapes def more the norm. If they're comfy we just put up with the shape :) . Just hoping after birth I get my belly button back!!!! Almost completely disappeared now and sure baby trying to turn it into an outy :/ x

  • my first pregnancy was all on the right side hun,its wherever baby is comfortable,very normal.i could trace his backbone right down to his bum n head so do not worry hun.im now on my fourth pregnancy just found out a week ago and they are all different try not to compareyourself to others and it will be a lot more stress free for yu xxx

  • I've never thought about this until you posted about it...how funny that all the bubbs are favouring the right, I wonder if its because our stomach is on the left, whilst liver & spleen sit under the diaphragm Xx

  • Mine was always on the left lol .i slept most of the time on my right side because i was scared i'd harm my baby.i looked huge and ppl kept asking if i'm having twins!my baby girl kept turning around till last week but lucky its all behind me now,she's 15days.Good luck ladies with your pregnancies xx

  • Sounds like my little man! I've got my stretch marks on the bottom right hand side of my belly coz he loves to push his head out there! He is always on the right hand side, must be super comfy there! Lol xx

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