So, baby has found my ribs! last night wasnt so bad but the night before was so intense. It was almost as if he was holding on to them and swinging off them! Almost felt like i had broken my ribs. Then not long after i eventually got out of bed....it went! Just like that! So i was a bit exhausted yesterday. Saw my dad in hospital, hes certainly on the mend (having a chuckle at baby doing my ribs in). Even though i didnt really get any pain lastnight, ive woken up just as exhausted so im having a lazy day, the house isnt bad anyways as ive been doing so much recently so i can afford to have a day for just me! I just hope i dont take too many jabs/kicks to the ribs for my remaining 8 weeks (AND NOT A DAY MORE!!! lol) coz it was sooo painful! And ive got labor to go through yet........think im gonna be a screamer! 32 weeks tomorrow :) and i have my first health visitors appointment and friday, another scan to check my placenta, so just as well im taking today for me! anyways, im just chatting rubbish! maybe its nap time :) hope everyone is doing well x


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  • At 35w 3d my (not so) little one seems to enjoy resting his or her feet in my stomach - especially during the night. I have heartburn most nights, but those sudden kicks to my stomach really churn things up as well :-( Wierdly this bubba has barely touched my ribs though I've had intermittent rib pain for the lat few months... I guess it's all down to baby's favourite position which in this one's case is to on side with legs stretched out any which way :-)

  • well hes been good since that night, no kicks to the ribs since, but im just waiting for it. I am also waiting for heartburn to hit me, hopefully i escape without any, but ive still got 8 weeks to go yet! so im not gonna speak too soon! My step sister had it through all of her last pregnancy. And the old wives tale about the hair....i really doubt my little one isnt gonna have any hair, both me and daddy are really dark and were born with hair. so i duno?! when did the heartburn hit you? Tell ur little one to behave his/her self and mummy likes her stomach where it is, and its contents lol :) x

  • Oh I escaped heartburn through most of the pregnancy. Then about a week and a half ago I started getting it every evening!! Gets really bad at times as well but really I've been quite lucky to only get it so frequently so late :-) you may still be lucky....but be prepared lol x

  • Fingers crossed :) even if i just get it at the end, i'll be happy enough with that x

  • The heartburn started suddenly at around 31 weeks. This baby is so wriggly and I'm guessing will be taking after Dad in the height department. Some of baby's stretches distort my belly in spectacular fashion just like in Alien :-)

  • Mine hung off my ribs like a bat throughout pregnancy and I had to try and stroke him out!

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