Any tips for increasing movement?

Hi everyone hope you're all well. Just having a bit of a stress about the movement i'm feeling. I'm 27+5 and am feeling what i would describe as fluttering which is getting stronger but certainly not what i'd consider to be kicking. The feeling is very low down too - no rib kicking as others have reported. There are patterns to the movement which seems normal but today there isn't much going on. Is there any positions, foods/drinks, tips etc people have on encouraging baby to move a bit more - i dont want to disturb him/her unecessarily but need a bit of reassurance i think. First time mum and not really sure what to expect but was expecting stronger movements at this stage - espcecially as i seem to have had a massive growth spurt in the last couple of weeks and people seem very shocked when i tell them i've still got 12 weeks to go!!!


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  • Hiya,

    Please try not to worry - all babies are different and so many factors can affect how much you feel (the position of the placenta can cushion kicks, for example). I'm carrying my second who is SO much quieter than my first was - he used to hoof me so hard it would take my breath away, all day and and night! Much daintier flutters and rolls this time, with less of a pattern.

    To answer your question, lying on your left allows maximum blood flow to baby and sweet foods have the maximum effect on the 'flavour' of the amniotic fluid so traditionally gets babies wriggling! Very cold water is also recommended to give them a jump start! Treat yourself to a slice of cake, a glass of cold orange juice and lie down for an hour to see if that helps.

    From about 28 weeks you should start noticing a pattern and do call your midwife if you're worried or notice whatever is normal for your baby changing. I'm sure baby is kicking up a storm in there but just hiding from his/her mama :-)

  • I'm exactly the same, just a day ahead of you. I tend to feel more in the evening but there are some days I don't really feel anything! Like you, I don't feel 'kicks' just soft pokes and flutters and it it concerning when you don't know what to expect! I'm off for my 28 wk obstetrician appt in 30 mins (getting the anti-d injection while I'm there) and the movement question is one I will be asking while I'm there. I'll report back on what they say :-) x

  • Doh, didn't get to ask the question! The injection was given by a nurse who did all the checks too but as there was a leu trace in my urine and my blood tests showed me borderline for iron levels, I was more interested in that. Actually saw my consultant after that who wasn't concerned by my iron levels (11.4) as they would only look to put me on iron tablets if it was <10.5. As long as I'm still feeling little wriggles and the mw/obstetrician hear the heartbeat, I'm not going to worry about it. x

  • Cold drink and ice will wake baby up or eat or loud noises with Ur 1st u feel everything later on so don't worry to much x

  • me too I think Armywag. Glad your check up went well. My 28 week check is on Thursday with midwife - if I get any more advice then i'll keep you posted. it's just a waiting game now I guess! :)

  • I was exactly the same never felt any Rob movement. . It Made me worry. . Make 2 cold drinks and put loads of ice... drink both of them then try laying on ur left side and see what u feel x

  • I drink a can of cold lemonade then lie on my left when I get worried. X

  • I was always told cold drink or something sweet xx

  • Hi i'm 27+5 and i feel the baby mostly in the evening, it can be very subtle and i don't get any movement further than a few centimeters above my belly button, so no rib kicking yet!!. but i love it when i get home, have a cold drink on an empty stomach and she is off!!! :-) i also have quiet days when she hardly moves and i get worried but then the next day shes off being very busy again :-)

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