Nerves are starting to set in, and the nesting is in full swing!

So in 10 weeks or so baby will be here, which is nerve wracking in itself, but its the labor thats really getting me worried. Im terrible with pain anyways, goodness knows how im going to cope with labor. Next week i get another scan (at 32 weeks) to check on my placenta. Im not too worried about it as i was told it was only slightly in the way, and it was more than likely that it would move. So hopefully all is well! I would rather go through a natural birth than have a c section. Especially with my first.

I feel like my mind is under estimating how much my body is going to go through as well, as i keep dreaming about labor experiances and they are always quick. Yes they are painful but i really do not think its going to be quick. I took 16.5 hrs to come into this world, and if im anything like my mother......

I think Im also getting worried as people keep saying to me "oh you will be early, look at the size of you!" i must not carry my bump well or something. And its not like im measuring too big. Midwife is happy with my size and im measuring what i should be. Im just getting annoyed with it! Plus when im made to think baby will arrive early, I just think 'well that will come with its own complications.'

And the nesting.....i have my daily routine of dishes, hoovering, and laundry. and each day i pick something that needs cleaning. today was the bathroom. I dont mind the nesting as i take comfort in knowing im getting things ready. the other day i went through all of baby's thing and realised that we have a lot more than what i thought, Which was another weight lifted. Car seat is on its way, moses basket, pram, cot....have all been sorted for a while now. Ive also decided to try breastfeeding as if i dont at least try, i will kick myself. So things are on track but im not quite ready for him to show up yet as things arent quite ready yet. But almost.

I also need to contact my health visitor...again, as when i was sent my first appointment in the post, i couldnt make the appointment as i was still working at the time. When i rang, i was told that she couldnt find the folder of appointments and would call me back to rearrange, well i waited all afternoon and nothing, so i rang up the next day and i asked when my rescheduled appointment would be, the lady i spoke to that day had been told that my appointment had already been rescheduled when i first called (which it hadnt) so she apologised and said the lady i previously spoke to didnt usually do that job, so she wasnt sure what she was doing. I was told i would get fitted in with the next set of appointments that she was going to do , and would get sent a letter confirming my new appointment.....that must have been 3 weeks ago now....maybe 4. I have been busy, this time last week i was in scotland seeing my family but still no letter. So i really must call tomorrow.

Sorry about this post, it is a bit muddled. Im half asleep, watching a film with the man, as hes waiting for his wrestling to start (yawn) and i just thought i would post an update. At least i know baby is happy and healthy, its like ive got an alien in there lol i love watching my bump move tho, its fascinating! Anyways, hope everyone is doing well!

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Hi! All you are feeling it totally normal! (Including yawning at wrestling!!) Lol

Worrying about pain is a huge thing for all mothers weather it's baby number 1 or number 10!! I was petrified, though I wouldn't admit it... in the end I went about 10 hours before I fully realised I was definitely in labor! I was telling myself it was Braxton hicks, although on reflection I do have a nasty habit of ignoring pain... any way at the beginning u had gas and air which was great. But if it's not enough for you there is always pethadine and morphine. After 6 hours on the gas total 16 hours of labor I decided I'd had enough and wanted an epidural.

So many people worry about side effects and have heard horror stories about paralysis etc... well and severe side effects are very rare! I saw an anaestethist in early pregnancy to see if I was ok to have one due to an old spinal fracture I have from when I was 15. He gave me the ok and went through all the info, was very re assuring. He told me you are more likely to suffer paralysis from a car accident then you are from an epidural! And the most common side effect is headache which can of course be easily fixed with paracetamol!! Epidural works in 30 mins and it was the best decision I made!

So after rambling on... pain relief is always readily available!!

Re breastfeeding, good for you for giving it a go! You are not putting too much pressure on yourself! I did it for 5 weeks but stopped cos my little one got terrible colic. I figured it can't be any worse on anti colic bottles and formula.. and he is an angel now! No colic at all! I was very upset when I stopped, it felt like I'd failed, but I realised I'd given him 5 weeks of the very best I could but the pain he was going through just wasn't worth it!

Don't worry about what people are saying! I had my mother and father in law telling me I was HUGE and everyone else saying I was tiny!! A lot were saying to me too I'd be early in the end he came exactly 1 week early! But babies come when they want and only they can decide!! I was still worried about early labor but as soon as you hit that 35w mark you know if they do come, they will be fine!

Good luck to you! :0)


Hiya. I had the same situation with my placenta and it had moved when I was rescanned at 34weeks. I think everyone entertains fears about labour.....but mow I'm getting near my due date, I'm so uncomfortable I'm actually willing the labour on lol. I'll just deal with pain as it comes and at the moment I'd take that to get rid of the other problems my body has taken on at the end of the pregnancy (after having quite a nice and pleasant one until recently)

I also got told I would have the baby early and even my midwife has been convinced for a few weeks now that I would go any second. Gorgeous told my skin cannot stretch anymore and im at full capacity. Baby got involved and from 35 weeks I was showing prelabour symptoms. Then from 37+5 was deemed in early labour. Now at 38+4 I'm still waiting and stopping and starting so doubt baby will be early at all! Now just hoping I don't go overdue! Craziness.

So try not to worry. Baby is in charge not you right now so let them do what they must. And you sound very organised which is good :-) more organised than o was at that point. Don't compare yourself to your mothers experiences, it doesn't carry down thankfully otherwise I would truly be terrified after my mum's experiences lol!

Good luck :D


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