Recent mothers is the preg belly disappearing yet?mine is taking ages!!


My little girl turns 4weeks this Thursday .i am brestfeeding ,lost loads of weight back to size 8 already but wondering when my belly will at least start getting flatter.i know it doesnt happen overnight but i feel like its taking ages!!had a c section so I can't start working out yet.anyone else experiencing the same?

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  • Lucky you, back to a size 8 :) yes i know what you mean.. my little man is 6+2 weeks and my belly is still hanging there :( not nice!! Im still bleeding on and off every time i overdo it so cant start exercising yet either :( oh the joys :) xx

  • Yea mine too it's just there !i can't wait to recover so I can try to get rid of it!

  • Hi my son will be 11 weeks on Thursday and I am only just starting to lose my tummy now

  • Good at least it's disappearing !x

  • My LO is 4 weeks too - also back in normal clothes, but hating my tummy! Still have my lochia too and was advised no abdominal exercise... Was going to try swimming...

  • My LO is 5 weeks plus 3 and I still have a slightly wobbly tummy but back in pre pregnancy clothes, got to love breast feeding! My six week check is next week but like DrFluffy I still have some lochia too. I will be chatting to the doctor about exercise, although have to say carrying my LO is certainly a work out, bless him :-) x

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