Advice needed trying to have a baby

My partner and I have been trying to conceive for a while now with still no luck , any advice ideas that may increase the chances , when Is the best time to try etc any help would be grateful thanks

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  • Hi hun, first of all are you take folic acids? If not start on them straight away, best range I heard is the pregnant care conception and I took them myself. Also make sure you calculate the day you are ovulating and dtd (do the deed) on that day to give you best chances to conceive. There are great aps for smart phone I use one called "my days" and it worked great for me. Also I did ovulation tests too so I knew exactly when I am ovulating. After you dtd stay in bed and relax put your feet on a pillow, this will give a chance for the sperm to get in there easier :-)

    Relax and don't stress. If you are worried about it why not talk to gp so they can maybe do some simple tests?

    Sorry if not too much help, and good luck xx

  • Hi,

    Ditto what bd123 says. I did ovulation tests but my periods were all over the place and it wasn't showing up correctly on the ovulation tests, but we managed to get pregnant really quickly and I think genuinely the reason for this was that we were in a really good place relationship wise, the sex was at its best and we were just relaxed and happy, so my best tip, book a nice trip away or a holiday and just really enjoy each others company. Completely take the pressure off about it being about conceiving and fingers crossed that should do the trick! :)

  • There's some good information above and aside form all the normal health advice, I always recommend lots and lots of hot sex, the kind that is sensual and exciting - its surprising how many people forget about the need for intimacy when they want to conceive! Good luck :)

  • Hi I would suggest buying a fertility monitor, we were trying with no luck, then bought a clear blue monitor and I got pregnant on my first cycle. It takes the guess work out of the process.

  • Ovulation kits are good, it took us almost a year but as we were getting worried as nothing was happening and my husband was stressed with work it didn't help. We booked a holiday for some well deserved rest and that's where it happened. I advise the Same if you can! That way you're both totally relaxed with no other distractions !

  • i really like the holiday idea, i hope my guy will have the time, we really need it cos of his type of job, he travels a lot and we don't get to spend time together, only once in a month sometime, we've tried for about two months now, and just last month i got a one day period instead of three days and spotted the remaining two days, my next period is next wk wed, but will go for a preg test tomorrow, i really hope I am pregnant. do u guys thing i will be? its been 4wks now, am not even feeling any pregnancy symptoms.

  • I would take everyone's advice on broad! some time all the body need is just that one little thing. but you will have that beautiful baby! bless you. xxx

  • We tried for 6 months before I tried cough medicine containing guaifenesin, which thins muscus throughout your whole body - you get the idea - conceived the month I took it. Second time around, husband wanted to start trying, I wasn't as keen, so no cough medicine for the first couple of months, didn't conceive. Third month thought oh well might as well try it and having taken the cough syrup conceived that month. Worth a try, doesn't cost as much as conception kits, although might not work for you. Article below about it. Good luck!

  • Ok thank you :) x

  • I'd recommend the clear blue ovulation machine, pricey but really does work. You can pick them up on eBay a bit cheaper.

    Eat eggs for breakfast. If you have white rice/pasta etc then swap for brown.

    You can buy lubricants that help the sperm reach the eggs.

    But most of all enjoy the sex, have a couple of nights away if you can't find the time for a big holiday away, lots of deals on hotels at the moment.

    Good luck

  • Not sure how long you've been trying. It took us 14 months, then conceived naturally. Did use ovulation kit - useful to know your own cycle. It does just take some people a bit longer - the gp said a year was quite normal. Good luck!

  • Hi there

    First of all hang on in there, it took us 9 months.

    I agree with all the ladies who say have sex every 2-3 days and use an ovulation kit or something.

    One other thing I did is go to an acupuncturist once a week, though reflexology is also a milder form. Not quite sure what the science is, but it can regulate you.

    The hardest thing (for me) was to relax, particularly those few days before you are due on. I agree that trying to distract and yourself is paramount, and remember that it's really normal!

    Best of luck with it all xx

  • We knew we wanted to try for a third baby, so when it came to it after 3months off the pill I did the wait until I think I'm ovulating had sex once or twice and yep nothing. The following month we kind of just went mad, after I had my period we had sex a lot 2x a day sometimes for little over a week,....... To this day I'm sure it helped as I got pregnant :-) my little loulou is 4 months old now conceived 2nd October 2012 :-) roundabout

  • I followed the Ovulation calender on the internet as my periods were pretty bang on date each time so knew how regular I was. If you have irregular periods then I doubt the calender would work. Have sex every 2-3 days before and after your ovulation date, thats what worked for me and taking folic acid now I swear by it.

  • It took us just over 12 months to conceive but on the other hand my friend started trying and fell pregnant during that cycle only 2 weeks later - everyone is different!

    The one thing in sure if is that if you try too hard it usually has the opposite effect so relax!

    I started focusing on my gym routine and I conceived the next month and my friend has conceived whilst on holiday with both her children.

    My sister in law recommended a while new lingerie wardrobe to keep things 'fun' and not stressful - it worked for her!

    Relax and enjoy it!!! Good luck!

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