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My baby is just 2 1/2 weeks old and we are having problems feeding. My baby is never full. Wanting fed every 3hours and sometimes sooner. Each feed he is having 90-120mls of cow and gate. We are using cow and gate number 1 tin. Tonight we used cow and gate number two tin to see if that wld fill him. But no. Please help. I'm stressing out. What am I doing wrong.


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  • Hi there first your not doing anything wrong my little one was the same at 21/2 weeks he is on the same milk as your little one I asked my midwife what I could do she advised me along with the health visitor to up his oz so if your little one is draing bottle up it to the next oz as baby shouldnt drain bottle if this doesnt sustain babys tummy id ask your midwife or health visitor what to do but honestly your not doing anything wrong all babies have different appertites my daughter only had 2oz and that was enough for her my son from 4weeks old was on 4oz then 5 then 7

  • Yeah we were letting him drink 120 oz ech time but then his wee stomach wasn't coping and was bringing some of it up again (which I find distressing) and then I felt bad for over feeding him

  • Don't let him drain it in one - give him a midway break to wind him... You should get less positing that way, and it gives babies brain a break to realise it's full! Xx

  • And wind him

  • It's important to not get discouraged as the last comment said you are doing nothing wrong

    You mentioned that you have bought & gave him the stage (2) cow & gate milk formula so the best advise I can give you would be to "up the oz by another 2oz" & see how this works.

    My son was exactly the same at about 3wks old. I was absolutely stressed at one point I thought there was no end. But eventually after doing the the same thing you have done he could drink up to 7Oz every 4 hr feed.


  • Well we tried the cow and gate two. But he was still looking fed after three hours. And then I was convinced he was constipated. Cos he never slept the whole night pushing and squirming. Like he was trying to poo but nothing was happening. So we are back using formula one again

  • yes, This is to be expected as you may have whats known as a hungry baby he'll definetly have boughts of constipation.

    I think because i went through this with my son when he was born 4 yrs ago it dosent seem so scary but i can understandyour worry & grief.

    If you still think he may be constipated in the next few hours try lying your baby down in front of you (on your knees) & whilst he/ she will be on their back gently exercise their legs "by holding their ankles gently into his/her's stomach.

    I believe its called something like a bicycle techique.


  • Ok I will try that thank u. I'm learning all the time ha!

  • Are they finishing the bottle each time? If they are, perhaps add an ounce and let them try that. See how that goes and add as you need to. Some babies are just hungry babies and you just need to find your groove with your bubba :-)

  • He certainly is a hungry wee baby. We have trouble winding him and he wld guzzle a full 120 mls each time but we have had a few boking sessions so we are making sure we try and get wind up and because that takes so long I think he gives up and falls asleep

  • Hi hun ive not long had my third baby hes 11wks almost, you are doing everything right.The constant feeding is only temporary. Just finding the balance. Im breast feeding atm and up till about 5 weeks ago he was feeding every hour day and night.he's settled down now but im still feeding on demand. Your little one obviously likes grub :-) dont get stressed out take a deep breath and look at your little creation and enjoy him,they dont stay babies for long xxx

  • With it being our first its just the unknown I know it's early days. I don't mind feeding him whenever he is hungry. But all I hear from other people is that he should be going longer and that we should be dragging him out longer between feeds which leaves me feeling inadequate

  • No not at all.i dont agree with making them go that bit longer, I friend made her baby go four hrs between feeds it was horrible seeing the baby hungry . carry on with what you are doing hun the routine will come in its own time and unless you ask for advice don't listen lol my mother in law was good at giving bad advice with my first and I listened with it being my first but not everything works for every baby xx your doing fab just hang in there xxx and yes dummy last resortbut I it helps then use one sometimes its just that little bit of comfort they need xxx

  • Thank u so much. Yeah believe it or not my mother in law was the one telling me to drag him out. But then she also thinks its wrong of me to automatically wake up during the night every time my baby makes a noise. I can't help it. I just hear him and lift my head to check him. He is only 2 1/2 weeks old.

  • In laws grrr lol. Its normal I still do that now im on my third! Its a natural instinct. I think if he goes 2.5-3hrs then this is good. Your his mummy you do what you want hun xxx

  • He's barely two weeks old - this is crap! 'Well meaning friends' are beginning to drive me crazy. Go with your instincts - they won't often be wrong! Xxx

  • Yeah people like to freely tell u how they did it in their day which could be thirty years ago ha!

  • The same advice as aboveif he is draining every bottle make up an extra ounce and every 3-4 hours is fine sometimes u may notice every 2 1/2 but don't worry sounds like he is just settling into his feeding routine x

  • I just wish I cd get a wee routine but I suppose babies have their wn agenda ha!

  • Also have you tried giving him a dummy-may settle him for that bit longer. Only one of my three had a dummy and it was fab, only used it at sleep time though as dont like seeing babies/toddlers with them in when playing xx

  • I have tried to resist with the dummy. I'm liked. I the seeing babies and toddlers with a dummy when the don't need it. I associate dummies with crying. It's something we may need to consider

  • You are doing nothing wrong - your baby is probably hitting a growth spurt...

    My little one is 3 weeks today and wanted to feed every hour overnight (breast fed) - it was getting painful, so I also top up fed him with a total of 140ml of Cow and Gate No. 1! Gutsy little mite!

    Typically, he's sleeping like an angel right now!!!

  • Wow 140 mls. That's fab. My wee one doesn't stay awake long enough to guzzle that ha! Milk touches his lips and he dozes over

  • My 2nd lad was feeding every 1 1/2 hours through the night until he was a few weeks old, he was a hungry baby from the offset. It probably doesn't help that you are knackered and trying to do it. Try not to stress out, you are not doing anything wrong. Call you health visitor/midwife for help that is what they are there for.

  • The tiredness doesn't I help I must admit

  • Hi

    ive just being reading the last comments & advise from the other ladies & started wondering how you're getting on ?

    I strongly also agree with one of the comments made by one of the ladies that it could also be a good idea to draw the feeding bottle away from your Lil ones mouth "mid way feed" just to see if he'll do a burp. That could also allow him to take a bit of time to figure out he might actually be full now!!


  • Well we feed for a bit and after an once or so we take the bottle out (much to his disgust) and try to wind. He isn't good at winding. Then we have another go at feeding and so it continues. Then if he starts to fall asleep I put him on his changing mat (because its cold) to rouse him to try again.

  • oh-wwh poor thing

    he'll be fine, once you & your Lil one have found that balance you'll both be fine.


  • You're doing nothing wrong. Quite normal to want feeding every 3 hours at that age. Speak to your health visitor though, (s)he'll reassure you.

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