Negative pregnancy tests?

I haven't had a proper period since early April. I experienced bleeding and some pain in May and June although this was not like a period and really was only apparent when I used the toilet. It was for about 3-4 days in both months and came with some cramp like sensation. I have taken loads of pregnancy tests both cheap and expensive makes and all were negative. My breasts are tender and bigger, my stomach has swelled and is hard, I am nauseous some days. And I have developed liking for food that I normally dislike like melons! Please has anyone out there experienced anything similar. I am in my late 30's.

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  • I am seeing a doctor next wednesday

  • The best thing is to see you're doctor, have u done any tests in the morning??

  • ALL of the tests Ive done have been in the morning!

  • You might have a cyst or something on your ovaries they can cause irregular periods. Your doc might take bloods to check your homrones levels and send you for a scan to see if they can see whats going on in there.

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