Anyone suffering with insomnia?

Hello all, I am currently 17 weeks and find it terribly difficult to sleep although I feel constantly tired. I had a bit of difficulty before at early pregnancy but now it seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it is due to general aches, other times I am feeling hot but mostly I feel restless. Anyone else on the same boat? Did anything help?

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I suffered too about 17 weeks, I just ended up tidying the house at 1 in the morning! For mt though it only lasted about a week, so hopefully yours will too. However, there is nothing worse being wide awake hearing your partner snoring!!

To be honest I have had periods throughout my pregnancy that i could sleep solid 7 hours and periods where I cannot get more then 5 hours and thats disrupted. I am 30 weeks and am back to getting up for loo in night, am uncomfortable for a number of reasons, hot, restless & so on then its head down for an hour maybe and up again with the birds, it is frustrating at times and am thankful when am not working for a mid afternoon nap to catch up. Pregnancy as I have found out is a rollercoster and we just need to accept what's happening to us and roll with it. When that little baby comes along for a while at least I think sleep will be a distant memory but we also know that it will get better with time.

Best advice, rest when you can and hopefully you' have a lovely couple of 2nd trimester sleeps soon....they will come :) x

Yes, me! I can't seem to get a decent night's sleep, what with my bladder waking me up and my brain not switching off! my mattress is starting to get a bit hard and it's making my hips hurt.

I have no idea how to stop lying awake other than I sometimes plug my headphones in and watch something dull on tv, or a radio 4 drama. that seems to block out the inner monologue and let me sleep, though it's definitely not what the experts say.

the experts say focus on your breathing, but I think I lack the mental discipline for meditation!

Hope it stops of its own accord!


I'm just over 26 weeks and I wake up at least 4-5 times a night :( mainly due to being uncomfortable, needing a wee and bubba kicking. The joys of pregnancy no one tells you about :) hopefully it will get better for you just try and rest when possible or nap if you can i tend to have a few hours sleep in the afternoon at the weekend cause working full time. All the best hun xxx

I didn't sleep from day one. Progressively gets worse. I'm now 39 weeks and I've been getting up every hour to go to the toilet. Think my body is now used to getting little sleep. I've forgotten what it's like to sleep any longer than an hour at time.

Im 20 weeks and still have to odd bad nights.i try to get completely relaxed before bed e.g. bubble bath. Drinking hot chocolate etc. But you will soon notice a pattern and it will be you babies body clock and its normal. I have days were i sleep for 3 hours then awake for 24 but im just happy knowing it's babies way of sayin im ok. Lol

I am very restless at night, am 31 weeks and am so uncomfy and as its getting hot aswell tht probli doesn't help. my legs hurt loads so am sleeping with a pillow between my legs but even tht isn't very comfy. in some ways I just want to be on my own without my boyfriend In the bed so I can stretch out. I also have a cat tht decides he wants to jump on my head at 3am and cause a right racket so in all I understand ur frustrations, last night I was awake every few hours which I suppose is good prep for when the baby is here but I just wish to sleep. x

Thank you all for your comments. It is good to know I am not alone but I wish there were a few solutions available...

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