Stop start, stop start, stop start!

I am so frustrated!! I had my 'show' on Sat and since then I have been having cramps. Last night from 11-3am I had mild contractions 6-8 mins apart, I took 2 paracetamol and went to bed only to wake up to nothing!! I had some fresh blood which concerned me so I foned triage and went up to get checked out. Babys heart rate was monitered for 30 mins at which point the midwife came in and said 'oh and you are having some contractions' I couldn't even feel them until she brought my attention to them! She told me to go home and wait for things to pick up and fone when I was having 2 strong in 10 mins. I am still waiting, once again they have totally died out after having them since leaven the hosp today at 3pm. Why do my contractions keep going away? Anyone experianced this before? Baby is just teasing us as we are so desperate to meet him/her. This is my second preg and I'm 39+2. Right now I feel like baby will never come someone pls give me hope!!

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Sending you lots of hope :-) I've been feeling a little unsettled, getting in more sleep excessive cleaning. Buying few last needed bits and occasional back ache teamed with Braxton hicks. 38 weeks tmrw, I know I'm ready and baby is ready so who knows on the good note you may be a good few cm already so when it comes on strong it won't take long I predicted a very short labour. :-) fingers and toes crossed x

I had exactly the same wth my little one. Had a show on a saturday and then had backaches then on Sunday at night I had irregular contractions that just disappeared by around 3am so I managed to sleep. Monday I was having aches every now and then but again, cause they were a little irregular I thought I was getting ready for everything to start. Monday night I had the contractions again that disappeared around 3am. Tuesday came and I had a lot of fresh blood, which made me panic so I went to triage to get checked out and I was having strong pains by now and knew stuff would be happening soon. Got to the hospital and was told I was 8cm dialated and needed to go up to labour ward straight away! My little one was with me 3 and a half hours later! So hopefully you're nearly there!

Hi!at least is hapening)I am 40+5 and action yet.i am sure you are few centimetres dilated so when it comes to it you'll be super quick to deliver your little cherub.good luck and don't stress baby will be here soon!

I'm 40+2 and I'm having the same thing every day for the last 2 weeks. They are not strong enough to be labour but annoying enough to give me hope. I was the same with my first. Try and relax as much as you can with them. If you can sleep through its not labour yet. You'll see what I mean when they come. I feel your pain literally. Not long now either way. Hope it happens quickly for you. X

Oh Bless you sounds like a slow labour! Hopefully ur waters will go and get things started properly must be so fustrating x

Slow labour is SO frustrating! I had contractions that built up to 7-8 minutes apart and fairly painful (well, what I thought was painful at the time!) and then buggered off - it went on for 3 weeks! Don't worry though, you're further on than I was so I'm sure you'll welcome your baby any day :-)

If its any consolation, my established labour was only 8 hours by the time the real thing started which is pretty quick for a first baby and I believe a slow start often leads to a nice fast labour.

As soon as you feel contractions start do what you can to keep them going - go walking, bounce on a ball, get on your hands and knees to keep baby's head pressing on your cervix. And just remember that it WILL happen soon, even though it feels like you'll be having false starts forever.

I'm expecting my second in September and am already giving her strict instructions to just come out once she's cooked, no messing about like her big brother! Sending lots of luck for when the time comes :-)

My friend had this happen to her she ended up having an emergency section as she couldn't dilate properly.

Have sexs and hopefully your waters will go and that will get things started. Once your waters have gone they wont leave you incase of infection. I dont know what else to recommend. Feel sorry for you as bet your just hanging on every twinge that you get hoping it will be your contractions.

Yes that happened to me. I was in full blown labour and had dilated 3cms. Was sent home till I dilated further. Like u the contractions just stopped for 8hrs. Nothing at all!! I called the birthing centre, As I was 41 wks and had a booking for an induction the following wk they send I cld come in for a membrane sweep to kick it off again. This worked a treat as my darling angel was born 9hrs later. They say walking and the gym ball thing can get things started again. If not speak to midwife about the sweep as they do it from 40wks.

Hi Masonsmum,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am currently 39+5 and eagerly expecting my first baby, and it's helpful to hear about the different ways that labour can begin. I thought my waters had broken on Saturday night, as there was a small gush of fluid, but when I went to the hospital on Sunday the midwife said they hadn't. Apart from that, I haven't experienced any signs of labour at all - no cramping, no show etc. I am booked in for a membrane sweep on Thursday (my due date), so I hope that gets things going! As the others have said, you can't be far away now! Good luck to you xx

Thank you everyone! I am currently exhausting my self on my 2 year olds space hopper, who needs a birthing ball? Lol hope when everyone elses contractions start they do not stop and for those in the same situation as me I hope our babys decide to make an apperance soon! jhaugh87 I hope I have a similar story to u to tell tomorrow morning. The contractions are back as we speak! x

Thank you everyone! I am currently exhausting my self on my 2 year olds space hopper, who needs a birthing ball? Lol hope when everyone elses contractions start they do not stop and for those in the same situation as me I hope our babys decide to make an apperance soon! jhaugh87 I hope I have a similar story to u to tell tomorrow morning. The contractions are back as we speak! x

Hi MasonsMum, any news?? I am now having the same thing as you: I am now 40+3. I had painful contractions on Thursday night, which went on for several hours, but then fell asleep and when I woke up they had gone! On Friday, I had the odd pain and strong braxton hicks, but since then: nothing! I currently feel totally normal, with no twinges at all. He's still moving as normal though. Give me hope that something more concrete will happen soon! :) xx

I will give u big hope!! I had my baby boy on wedensday night!! I had the midwife at 3.30 and hoped since I had a show and contractions she would give me a sweep. When I got there and she asked about movements I realised I hadn't felt any so she couldn't touch me until I had the heartbeat moniterd. I was send up to the hosp for a 30 min heart rate check and when she put the machine on me at haf 6 I had a strong contraction. I had about 3 more while on it so she checked me and I was 3cm stretching to 4 and she gave me a sweep. I was then sent home as she said I could have bn dilated since contractions had bn on n off. I hardly made it out the hosp! I stopped 4 times on the way down and by the time I got home(I live 5 mins away) I was in agony! Got bk to the hosp by haf 8 and had the baby at 9.56pm! All those little contractions must have worked so hopefully u will be the same and when ur body kicks in ur labour will be fast :D good luck let us know when buba arrives!!xxx

Ps if u arnt using a birthing ball yet try that! My baby wasn't engaged and then when I went to the midwife after a day of that he was right down and I cld feel the preasure xxx


Congratulations! And thanks for responding. That's great that you had such a quick established labour (though the trips back and forth to the hospital at the end don't sound like much fun - poor you!) I definitely feel encouraged by your experience. Yesterday I tried everything in the self-induction book and still no baby (or any more contractions)! I will take your advice and seek out a birthing ball. I also have a sweep booked this morning so maybe that will do something. I am expecting a boy too :) xxx

Good luck with the sweep! Are you that's lovely, this is my second little boy :). Hope the conrtactions kick in again! Isn't it strange how much we wish pain on ourselfs? Lol xx

Ha! I totally agree. It's bizarre that now whenever I feel anything in the bump region that feels like pain rather than just movement, I'm like: "Yes!" Have now invested in a gym ball and am bouncing on it as we speak :) xx

I know I was the same! Then when my reall contractions started I thought I would regret wishing for them but I never I must have bn about to give birth and I was still paranoid they would stop haha That's good! Hopefully that will get little monkey moved right down and ready to make an entrance ;) xxx

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