It's announcement time!

It's announcement time!

Hello Ladies! Just thought i'd pop my head in and say hello, it's been a little while since i have been on here. I hope everyone is ok, and cracking on with this baby making malarky..

So me and the man are off to Italy tomorrow, and i cannot wait. My Partner is italian and we are going to announce our baby news to the whole family, including his Mother... EEEK! I'm very nervous, but also so excited! I'm 18 weeks now, so it's not like i can hide my bump anymore. Italian families love procreation, so his family are going to be over the moon, i hope!

If i don't post again in the next 14 days, it's not gone as planned and someone call a search party! :) Ciao xxx


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10 Replies

  • Lol I'm sure it will go great. .. safe journey.. have a lovely time xx

  • great photo! You will have a wonderful time and I'm sure you will be spoilt rotten! The Italians are very welcoming :) x

  • Lol have a wonderful time they will be over the moon. :-) x

  • WOW! That's PROPER exciting! Good luck :) x

  • Eeekkkkk how exciting !!! They will love it !!!! Xxxx

  • Good luck and enjoy your holiday!

  • Well I am so jealous of you, is it the first? You look so fit, I look like a fat potato already and I am only 13 weeks lol

  • Good luck, not that u'll need it im sure!!!!! Have a wonderful break x

  • Wow, you look amazing! I'm 18weeks too (due 11th Nov) and no bump yet :-( Just look and feel fat!

    Hope you have a fab time in Italy, good luck with the announcement. Look forward to hearing all about it.

    H xXx

  • UPDATE: I'm baaaaack.... it went so well!! They were over the moon and for the whole time i was not allowed to lift a finger.. haha I should get pregnant more often! :)

    I video'd his Mother opening the card and she could read it because she had the wrong glasses on... Everyone in the room was crying before she'd even put them on as they knew as soon as she opened the card! It was magical! xx

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