am i pregnant HELPP!

iv never been pregnant before because iv always been very carefull even though we thought my boyfriend could have kids , but me and my boyfriend since childhood have decided its time to give it a go ! we stopped useing protection in april and i have dyslexia so im no good with dates and my peirdos have been fairly irregular since i stoped using the pill at the end of last year . I have took a pregnancy test and it has a big bold line in c window witch is neggative but then a very , very faint line in the "T" window whitch would make it possative . is this just a miss-hap or is it possative ? have also been feeling some early symptoms of pregnancy such as dihoreah , tierdness , acheing and tender brests ? what do you think ? any advise please !


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  • I know its never easy hearing this, but I would retest in a couple of days, this allows the hormones to increase and should make the line clearer to see. We had a very faint line, but I tested at 9dpo instead of 14 dpo (dpo is the days after ovulation). Test in a couple of days and I hope everything works out. Sorry almost forgot, clearblue were very good and clear with the lines.

  • thankyou :)

  • My test was the same very faint line in the positive.. Best thing to do is take another test and preferably a well known brand such a clear blue that are reliable as I found supermarkets own brands very hard to read.. Good luck!

  • In short my advice would be to go to chemist tomorrow and get a Clear Blue Digital, it will say 'Not Pregnant' or 'Pregnant & the approximate weeks'. I have never used anything but these tests. Good luck :)

  • And Test first thing in morning :)

  • who is this Man?

  • It's on loads of blogs I've reported it x

  • I've reported it too and I hope everyone else does. It's not only irrelevant but also spam

  • I agree do a clear blue, they are so accurate and its literally pregnant or not pregnant so you can't be mistaken.

    Good luck, let us all know xx

  • I had the feintest ever line before being clearly positive. Sounds like it may be good news for you. Try clear blue dirt thing in the morning. Let us know how u get on! X

  • Sounds like a positive :-) if your unsure go to the doctors. They will do a test to confirm x

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