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How long does it take to get 12wk scan results?


I'm booked in for my first scan (12wk) on Monday 24th June -and we've been waiting (MY choice!) to tell people about our pregnancy until we have the scan, and all is well.

I naively thought that we'd get 'the all clear' on the day...didn't realise they ring you back later...But how long does it take, roughly, to get the results?

Reason I ask is because my husband is away the following week with work, and I'm a bit scared to get the results when I'm on my own and he's away :(

If it's bad news, I want him with me, not in a different country.

If it's good news, God willing, then I desperately want to start spreading the good news! ...Even my parents don't know they're expecting their first grandchild :)

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I got a print off of the scan results there and then. As I am older I also gotthe combined downs test. That was one week in the post for the all clear, or after three days by phone if there was an issue.

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I'm 34 so I've signed up for the combined test too. It really does sound like ''no news is good news''. Thanks, that's really useful info.


yeh u get the print out of the scan there and then and then if u choose to have the combined screening for downs they will either call u in a couple of days if theres a high chance but otherwise u will get a letter in the post, mine arrived within 5 days. otherwise u will get the go ahead to tell people on the day :) x

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I'm 34 and at the moment I have a 1:400 due to my age :(

My husband's response to this was: ''I'll take those odds!'' but I was quite alarmed at the stats (you can see he's the 'glass half full' out of the two of us!)

Thank you for the info; you've been really helpful x

I got the dating scan results than and there. Dint even check that in my files until later, the sonographer told everything orally (whatever she was seeing on screen and said all is normal and healthy).

I did not go for the Nutual Screening, 29 years, no history of miscarriage, healthy life-style for both of us, non-smokers, and no history of down syndrome in both the families, made us decide that we dont want a nutual screen. but everyone has a different opinion about it right!


My husband and I hadn't even discussed it until the midwife appnt. When she asked about whether we wanted the Nutual screening, I just turned to my husband, who looked at me...and we both said we'd rather know. Then I cried :(

Oh bugger's supposed to be a happy day seeing your baby for the first time, but I have to admit I'm pooing myself about it a bit.


I am 24 and had the combined screening anyway, its up too u, I just had it as an extra check, xx

Hi Queenie; I'm 39 and had the combined scan; at my age the risks are deemed to be 1:100. I was sick to my stomach waiting for the results to come through so know all too well how you are feeling. I got my low risk letter in 4 days.

Good luck x

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That's great news, thankyou :)

Hi, you get the routine 12w scan results there and then if you have opted for extra tests then I think they send them through the post??? I am not sure.

Most places will tell u how long u wait. Wherei had scan they said if a concern they will call within I think 72 hrs and if not you'll get a letter within 5 days xx

The outcome of my scans was ways printed and attached to my notes there and then, my 12 week scan was incomplete because of bubba positioning and she couldn't measure the Nuchal fold, we attempted again in the afternoon but no luck so was re booked for 15 weeks when bubba had less room, I at this time had my bloods for downs, it was too late now to measure the nuchal fold but there are other factors which i was looking for too like the nasal bones and my result came in post a week later at 1:2700 so I was very pleased for a 40yo! If result not great they say they phone you within 3 days.

Hope all goes well for you x

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WOW! That's GREAT odds! :)

Thanks for the info, and for the kind wishes x

Yeah you should get all the info you need on the day. We didn't tell anyone anything until 12 week scan and by the end of the day of the scan everyone knew! I was really nervous about it all but the midwives were so matter of fact about it- they don't get excited but then they do see it all day every day but to be honest their lack of interest or concern about anything actually made me relax a bit more and think that there clearly aren't any concerns on their part.

Had the blood tests for downs that day and the results came back about 10 days later - good results for us at 1:51000 which considering I am 35 i was very pleased with but they said they would contact us sooner if any problems.

Now at 16 weeks, feel just an anxious waiting for 20 week scan so i don't think the stressing ever stops!!

good luck and enjoy it - it's an amazing day :)

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WOW! That's great odds! I would like those odds too please ;) I'll be 35 when The Bump (or Baby Nutella, as I'm going to start calling her soon if I eat any more of the stuff!). The adverts say there's a whole hazelnut in every jar, so it MUST be good for me! ;D

I know exactly what you mean: I like it when medical professionals are blazee about facts...what you NEVER want to see is a midwife in a panic! LOL

Thanks for the kind wishes x

I had results there and then so there was no waiting but I wonder if its different policy depending on where you live. Sure you could plead your case to find out ASAP if not, it seems to be a very simple test.

Just re-read the posts, I just had nuchal fold test so I guess bloods will always take longer.

I'm still waiting my letter 11dats later. I remember it took a while the last time round and my odds were good so I'm hoping it will be the same this time fingers crossed. downs isn't inherited it makes no odds if you have any family members in case people are misinformed.

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