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Sciatica is unbearable


Have to admit defeat and make that appointment with the chiropractor. .. was hoping to leave it as long as poss but been in agony today. ... and now can't weight bear in my left leg with out the pain shooting from my bum cheek. . I'm falling apart and I'm only 15 weeks. . What am I going to be like in a couple of months. ..!!!! If I do too much Housework them boy so I pay for it. . The other half thinks I'm milking it would so love him to feel this pain in the arse its even a bigger pain than him ;)

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I know how you feel.i just wanna kill my partner sometimes.cos he has no pains and i bet he thinks i'm making things bigger than they are.but i have sciatica in my left leg plus pelvic pain.i've still got 16weeks to go...:( how i'm gonna give birth if i cant move without pain?its so not fair we have to suffer so much!my midwife doesnt answer her phone again and i've been trying to contact her since over a week ago!all i need is refferal to see a specialist...let me know how you get on after seeing chiropractor.i may have to try it.good luck xx

I hear you Hunni defiantly go to chiropractor , its horrible my first taste was at 18 weeks with this pregnancy like you any cleaning didn't help . I just bed rest with ice and hot pads alternating, after a week all was good... Touch wood ...I remember waking up crying in bed cos I couldn't move my hubby hadn't a clue what to do luckily he was very sympathetic and helped me out didn't let me do anything except a little walking after a few days did help.(hugs) x

Ahhh Hun, know how you feel as mine has been on and off throughout this pregnancy. Omg! No one who is not pregnant really gets how painful it is.

I hope they sort it out for you


I had my first consultants appointment yesterday. I'm 11wks today and as I went to stand up off the chair I had my "usual" shooting pain in left bum cheek down the back of my leg and deep in my coxixs. She asked did I suffer from sciatica, then I thought "ahhh thats what it is", and told her it seems like I do. I also suffer if I clean too much. I'm left being hardly able to walk and it's unbearable so I cry. My partner works away so don't have no help and I find this very hard. Hope your sorted soon and I'm definitely going to go the docs xxxx


Its horrible I couldn't even walk last nite.. rest is the only thing that helps it, my friend said to sit on a golf ball and roll around on it, I said the golf ball would probably get lost under the size of my bumcheeks at the moment lol at least I'm mobile today got a busy day so will be hobbling about later. .. Not looking forward to that :(

Girl I know exactly how you feel, my partner thinks i am pretending wen i say to him i cant walk. 15 weeks today and I am sitting here counting down the months as i think i am too old for this :) But lets look on the bright side wen our little bundle of joy is born it will all be worth the pain. Ladies let us try not to over do it and at least 30 min a day take that as some me time. Enjoy your bump it only last 9 months. xxxx


Lol I thought exactly the same I'm too old for this but I had it bad with my daughter 15 years ago so that made me feel a bit better :)

This time I'm going to mention it. Only had it with 3 of my 5 pregnancies before but just know I'm not suffering in silence this time.

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