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My Pain Fibro
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Is this fibromaylgia or arthritis?

After 6 years of lower back pain tingling and pulling deep aching pain all over, it feels like i have flu/been hit by a bus/been carrying heavy shopping allday long, i finally saw a rheumotologst this week and she did bloods (said she checks more than gps ever do) and had xray on neck and lower back, and she said she is sending me out an appoinemnt to go back to get results of bloods and xrays but said once shes looked at xrays she may be sending me for mri and asked if im clausraphobic, this is the most ive ever had, i also am Type2 diabetic/have high blood pressure/lactose intollerent, and have migranes offen (since i was a kid) now mainly back of my neck left side an left temple pain and pulsing. The pain makes my eyes go funny, noise and smells i cant stand

I get restless legs since i was a child

I am also vit d deficiant and on 3rd course from gp of high d3.

Im forgetfull hve bad brain fog cannot remeber what i was gonna say at all

I keep dropping things when i shouldnt as i have them!

When i walk up the stairs or wash my hair over the bath the pain and deep aching and tearing feeling kills me its so bad it feels like my muscles and fibers are tearing apart, i also get it in arms like that are lead, i get so tired like my battery goes from

Half full to empty im

Just drained and have to sleep

Im also RF negative i just dont know whats going on,

My late father had, rheumotoid arthritis, cervical & lumber spondylosis, rheumatism, and osteo arthritis & raynoids syndrome

My sister has cervical spondylosis, bone spurs in lower back/coxix, and was just diagnosed woth fibromyalgia this may just gone and she has the same symptoms as me for past ten years and ive had them for 6

Can i still have some type of athritas even though im RF negative?

Thank you for your time x

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I’ve literally had the exact same thing for almost 15 years of my 31 year life.

It started around 15/16 with neck pain & chronic headaches. A few years later my shoulder started to give me problems. I never had energy but couldn’t sleep, I’m always shaking & drop things & run into walls. My eyes are always dry & itchy & I have dry mouth & I clench/grind so I always get cavities. I got the diagnosis of fibro in my early 20s. Nothing ever really seemed to help.

Last year I kept getting ear aches so I went to my primary doctor who said my ear it fine it was my TMJ that was causing the earache. He sent me to a rheumatologist for help with the fibro. The rheumatologist discovered I’ve had psoriatic arthritis all along! The pain is now in my hips/bottom and refers to my arm &elbows & my fingers swell. It’s better managed with a biological, sleep med, pain med & I take an ADD medicine. I’m in pain everyday but I actually have a few days every now & then. Stick with the rheumatologist. The chronic pain is a sign of your body fighting itself & you need a rheumatologist to manage it.

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Thank you! Makes you so mad no one “believes” its everyday all the time, on the way to rheumy app my fella says “if you think somethings going to hurt its going to hurt” i actully cried in app at what he said how fucking dumb x



I’ve dealt with the exact same thing. No one believes/believed me because I was so young when it started, & at 31 I’m still young to have chronic pain & headaches. People REALLY don’t understand the fatigue I find. They can’t comprehend how extreme it is...& they should consider themselves lucky. Even though I have an accurate diagnosis and some of the people that were skeptical believe me about my pain now, I still have issues with the lack of understanding. While they won’t say it, it’s obvious when I miss out on plans because I don’t feel well that they don’t believe (or rather don’t understand) how bad the pain is and how it prevents me from doing stuff. There’s also the “you don’t look sick” line/look. It’s super hurtful because they fail to realize I don’t want to miss out and cancel plans incessantly; I feel bad enough as it is (physically & emotionally) & the last thing I need is what’s suppose to be my support system making me feel worse. My current boyfriend is so supportive and understanding. You’re going to have to explain your feelings & everything you’re dealing with to your boyfriend & the way his comment made you feel. It’s imperative that people like us have an understanding partner & he’s going to have to understand that if y’all have long term plans. The stress his comment put on you is going to exacerbate your pain...trust me; I know from past experience.

Also, I had a doctor that did all of the arthritis tests before & we thought we ruled it out, but keep in mind there is no test for psoriatic arthritis! I don’t know if you’ve ever dealt with psoriasis, but I thought I’d mention it.

I do agree our minds are powerful, but no one thinks themselves into that much pain. If you don’t feel comfortable discussing it or the fibro fog interferes with your speech delivery as it does mine, print some literature off the internet that discusses what you are going through. There are tons of printable brochures for chronic pain conditions and most of them have a section on how family & friends can help & what it’s like to have a chronic pain condition.


Sorry one more thing...I think it’s a form of arthritis. I forgot to answer one of your main questions! I’m obviously no doctor, but it’s my opinion.