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My Pain Fibro
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Hi! newish on here!

I am newish here. I’m in my 30’s. I live in East Midlands, UK. I have multiple health issues, including severe fibromyalgia. I have most of the various symptoms one gets with fibromyalgia. Medication doesn’t work for me - only taking 5% off the problems. What I find worse about fibromyalgia (apart from the pain) is the fatigue, depression, muscle twitching and inability to loose weight. And I find there’s a lot of ignorance on this disabilities. Because we look normal and push ourselves, most people think we hypochondriacs or we look OK. But in reality and even on a good day, we still feel absolutely crap. I would like to meet other like minded people especially in the central part of East Midlands. Anyone like to talk openly.

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Hi, I live near Kettering, Northamptonshire. Your post could have been mine! I've been living with fibro for over 30 years and getting more symptoms developing. Be kind to yourself and just ignore those who cause you more pain than you already have to put up with. Pacing yourself is so important, infuriating maybe but if you over do it you suffer the consequences for days afterwards. Have you tried music and gardening ( window box) as therapy? I'm just about to start Tai Chi and possibly swimming, although the effort of getting dried and dressed may prove too much! J.