Help ! What has worked for the pain !

I'm so disgusted with having to wake up everyday and dreading getting out of bed and knowing the pain is gonna be there -my neuro dr has tried ALOT of things and nothing seems to be working -i have been on 7.5 Norcos for the last 6 months for the extreme migraines and it was helping a little for the leg pains but it seems to have stopped giving me relief ! What are some of the meds that have worked for others -I am on the highest dose gabapentin( 800mgs 4 times a day and all they really do is make me feel drunk -I am on topamax , depakote and now he is experimenting with different antidepressants that apparently somewhere it must say that it helps people when in reality it doesn't do nothing but make me nauseous and tired -he had once mentioned the butran patch but I wanted to see if it had ever helped anyone at all ? Please someone help me out ! I am gonna lose my mind !