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Strength #2 I think


"YOU" like me have an incurable chronic illness. Just to make it clear "YOU" and I have a chronic incurable illness. Add to that a very unpleasant condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. Look it up if "YOU" like, it is really as interesting as they say. I am near;y 50 I was diagnosed just before I turned 30, I should live until 80ish. That is 50 years with ms.

The only way to cope with this is to develop then nurture a strength. I am not sure what my strength is. Is it religion, fatalism or just an obsessive belief in myself. Perhaps you are having to endure something I feel that I can still cope with a little more. Always just a little bit more, tomorrow I cannot cope but until then I have got this. I am not beaten yet, I can do just a little more just a little.

Now take out every reference to Royce and put your name in instead. "YOU" do not have to cope with anything for 50 years, just 5 minutes more. That is not so hard is it, just 5 minutes. ms is no more than "YOU" facing the next 5 minutes, after that maybe the next 5 minutes.

Find the tools that resonate with "YOU" and get yourself through that 5 minutes. I like to think that it is against the rules to deliberately hurt myself. I am not sure whose rules they are. Just that they are the "RULES". I live by the rules, make your own guidelines and live by them. This illness can be like a sandy beach, constantly changing.

Make your "RULES" a rock. A constant steady belief in your confusing, bewildering life with ms. Having a belief system that supports "YOU" is valuable at day 2 until past day 10950. Find a rock to support "YOU". Something to hold "YOU" and give "YOU" that strength when "YOU need it most.


There are rules and I follow them to the best of my ability

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