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I want to thank all of you for all of your great responses. I want to say that the windows that we had before were so bad I actually had a board on two of the windows. I know that sounds so bad but we are on the way up

The great thing is if it was warmer out side I would be fun to see the 👀 looks on my neighbors face

But since it is 46*f out side I’m just going to sit in my nice warm house and just look 👀 out my new windows.

Everyone have a great day!

I do want to say since the furniture has been moved around my chair is further away from the bathroom so I am having more PT.

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We moved in with mother-in-law over 15 years ago so I could oversee her Alzheimer's care, caregivers and being her caregiver 12 hrs every night. At first she was very sweet, but as Alzheimer's got worse, so did she and became very violent. Eventually she had to place in an Alzheimer's unit of a convalescent hospital. Anyway, we inherited the house and sometimes I wonder if it might not have been better to just sell it. It was built in 1954 with no insulation, Brrrr. The first thing we did was replace the broken and cracked windows with double pained lightly tinted windows. What a great difference that first winter! We are still making improvements as we can afford them. Right now the bathroom is torn apart! I can use the toilet and the tub. We have a gym, just half a block away, so can go over there for showers. Every little thing we can do helps.

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Oh I can relate we bought our home 25 years ago. The area that it’s in used to be light summer camps our house was built in 1950. This house before we bought it had been extended I think 3 times and raised up three cinderblocks high. But now we have the opportunity to start to fix it up.

I do have to say WOW it looks totally different with the new windows from the outside. With what we did we brought up the house value I am sure and when my husband and I were out side we got compliments from 3 different neighbors. It sure feels good.

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