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Rash uncontrollable


I have had this horrific rash since 5/24, which started with bump on my back that itched badly and frank said looked like a spider bite. It spread to shingle type blisters in a vertical line by 4 days. Primary doc said some kind of virus and have me steroid cream. Got worse, spread to legs. Doc took culture, not viral, appt with dermatologist. Got an emergency appt with neurologist who said couldn' be reaction to Capoxone because not on subcutaneous level, but dermis level ( or something). Dermatologist took byopsy (OUCH) and results came back as a bug bite! Use bug repellant when going outside, continue with steroid cream. But, I now have in various stages, size and locations, 84 whelps or blisters(some in a cluster the size of silver dollar), or hard bumps, horribly itching. I do not work outside in my garden, or pick the blueberries, or just pull weeds around tomato plants cause he said it was outdoor bug bites. We stripped all the bedding and searched carefully for bed bugs I wash all my bedding in hot water due to allergy of mites. Has ANYONE had serious skin (starts itching before bumps or whelps appear) just sitting in various places. It does not get worse at night. Anyone had any problem like this with MS???? Allergy results 6 yrs ago came back 3* for mites but photos aren't like mine!

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have you been near any insect that could have done that. I hope you find out what that is.

agapepilgrim i remember it well. Foe 6 months I was to and fro to the doctors. Head lice, bed bugs, scabies, you name it, they tried to pin it on me. They had me scrubbing with all sorts in the shower, having epson and bicarbonate baths, I had special shampoos, creams, you name it. My rash started on my head and gradually worked it's way down to my feet. Turned out to be a severe allergy to the tegratol I was taking. Nearly killed me. It was embarrassing when I had to have the whole family including the grandchildren all be treated with a scabies cream. They said I had contracted it while I was in hospital, what a palavour! I hope and pray you find a solution soon, hugs, blessings Jimeka 🌈 🦋 🤗 🙏

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jimeka the biopddy cannot be wrong he said and that said bug bite, not allergy! Guess it has bitten me over 100 times then!! We search house over especially for bed bugs. Took every thing off bed and will wash it in hot water. We are sleeping on guest bedroom tonight. But I researched and mites can be in dirt and birds etc, and I have been digging in dirt planting things. Can't remember if first bite was before or after started garden. Do know the first whelp appeared as a spider bite when visiting brother 300 majesty away! And now haven't worked in garden for several days because not starts the itching on a rampage if I bend my elbows cause of location. Doc said spray with bug spray every time I go outside. I told him today I quit going outside and still getting more "bites" or whelps or whatever, so he said have our house fumigated!!! That is terribly expensive. He said only a professional fumigation would get rid of mites. I just wondeeed if any else had serious reaction to unknown bug bites..

A couple years ago I was getting these horribly itchy bumps and couldn't determine what was going on. Used bug spray over the counter and didn't help. Our area that I live had been in a drought. After some research I found out that drought areas can span these little tiny mosquito like critters referred to as "no see ums" which can ignore some typical insect repellents I made sure I found some that covered those little buggers cause they inched worse than anything I had ever experienced. Your area wouldn't happen to be in a drought cause that's the only time those little (almost invisible) things spawn. It was the worst itch ever.

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I have to correct myself a bit. There are several species of no see ums. Also referred to as biting midges, sand flies and a couple others. They are biting flies that are about 1/4th the size of a mosquito. They are extremely resistant to typical repellents. They can be anywhere and some species more towards marshy areas and mountains and there are some that like drier climates. They are a nuisance. They can even get to areas that we think are protected by clothing. So it's possible you may have some in your area. There are bug sprays that cover these little monsters. So maybe y'all have had so emigrate into your area possibly?

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what's a palavour? lol I really don't know, duh

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@lindance, it's a rig may roll , a nuisance, a lot of messing around, blessings Jimeka 🦋 👍

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@jimeka then my fight against this rash has been a PALAVOUR! The fourth doctor I have seen about it finally agrees with me that it is an allergic reaction and the dermatologist just happened to biopsy a real bug bite in the midst of all the rash!!! I went today and now have 40 patches on my back for 48 hours to see if the allergen can be narrowed down to something - probably one of my zillion medicines!

Feel better agapepilgrim looks very uncomfortable 🙁

agapepilgrim This looks similar to hives that I have gotten over the years, but never this bad. I ended up at an allergist that put me on H1 and H2 antihistamines . For me it was Zyrtec and Zantac. Mine always look like bug bites in the beginning, and then they spread. At the first sign, I take a them together first thing in the morning, and then another zantac before dinner. Call your pharmacist first before you try this. Make sure they don't interact with your other meds.

I hope you find something that works. Maybe you should see an allergist again.

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@Iona60 finally went to 4th doctor about this rash - my allergist cause I am allergic to mites, mosquitos, moths, mold and dust. But he said it looks like contact dermatitis and put 40 patches on my back for 48 hours hoping to find the allergen. This gets expensive!!

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agapepilgrim I bet the allergist will get to the bottom of it. May be expensive, but if you get an answer and are able to heal, it will be worth it.

Wow, that really looks uncomfortable! So sorry agapepilgrim !

You must be in agony. agapepilgrim! 😐 But I'm happy you got your biopsy results. Wish I had an answer for you. I assume your husband has NO bites? Strange if that's so and they think it's from indoors. You'd think he'd be affected too. Praying you find the culprit and get relief asap. 💕

agapepilgrim,Ouchy!! I did have a rash that started just like yours - something that looked like a spider bite and ITCHED! I then developed a rash that spread all over my chest and back. When I went to my PCP, she diagnosed Pityrhiasis and started me on 20mg prednisone, which cleared it up. I would suggest you look on WebMD for rashes and you will see many pictures of rashes. Hopefully, one will match yours!


I hope you find relief


Get better quickly!


I've seen a spider bite that looked like that on my nephew, it was one of those bad spiders. He had a little bump that turned into blisters, rash and all. We figured the spider just got in the house one night. His lumps and rash came back off and on in different places for many months.

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Hidden what did his doctor do for him???

Had something that looks similar and was told it was eczema. Steroid cream only helped a little. Spread big time across my lower back. Found a tea tree oil based lotion gave me huge relief from itching. Had an ms flare and took steroid taper 30mg first time then a 6mg taper since I still had ms issues and that nasty rash is gone. I hope you get better.

Yes u gave but it would apoear after u had IV steroids. My was the shingles though. Due to major break out 8n shingles I can no longer have UV steroids.

Keep your appt with dermatologist

Best of luck!

I have MS and got a rash with itching after I took Fosamax, even though I had taken the drug for 5 years... maybe it's a drug reaction? So sorry! I hope you get some relief soon. I had to take Benadryl for a week.

sallyscharff I am already allergic to dust, mites, moths, mosquitos, and 3 kinds of mold, I have been on Zyrtec and Benadry for 7 years now, plus Prednison, 10 mg every other day. My body is so full of inflammation, it's a wonder, the "flame" hasn't burned me alive! I have inflammation in my eyes, causing me to , as last hope, of being on Xiidra, inflammation in my gums, using prescription toothpaste and mouthwash, inflammation in my lungs causing chronic bronchitis. The neurologist added 50 mg hydroxine 4 times a day to stop the itching. The allergy specialist I saw today because of rash (which dermatogist insisted was a bug bite, yea, right, with a 100 clusters of blisters, etc.?), said all those antihistamines should be making me sleep all day. He was surprised. I said, nope, I have insomnia and even on Restoril and still can't fall asleep sometimes at all!

Every doctor I go to ends up saying "you are an exception to this blah, blah, blah--whatever they decide what to diagnose me that day! I have 40 patches on my back to see if it is contact dermatis and exactly what is causing it. I go back Wednesday for the patches to come off ---probably allergice to everyone on the list the way I feel! And I believe, along with my husband and daughter, that Capoxone lowered my skin resistance because I have always had very sensitive skin, and that just lowered my resistance, along with MS getting worse, of course! Thanks for caring.

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