Sleep Position(s) Humph :-(

Hello everyone, I know this is an odd subject to bring up but after several sleepless nights lately, I'm over and done with trying to find a comfortable position to fall sleep in, even in my recliner! Now, assuming you can get to that point without pain, spasms, tingling, or your racing mind getting in the way, which ones work best for you? I know that certain meds can interfere with sleep but I'm not taking any prescription meds yet just a crap-ton of ibuprophen, which doesn't really help that much! Just wondering.....

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  • Hi Bamfan1442, to me the huge problem is the racing mind. I figure out that using a eye pad, gel very cold eye gel pad over the eyes and front head help me to calm dow my speed race brain front lobe. Also I use second comfortable pillow to huge and stavilize side position kepping my spine straight and I use a special neck pillow to keep my neck straight reducing shocks and pressure over the nervous. I also take 30mg of melatonine fast release keeping dissolving under the tongue. Also you cannot have clock with blue light and you need to download bluelightfilter in your cell phone and also in your pc because the blue light interfer with the sleeping brain waves. These arell I have been doing and works.(plus camomile tea) and lavander oil

  • I was also told to use a red light bulb in my bedside lamp. It simulates the sunset which is calming, rather than white or the blue light rays as you say. I agree with the racing mind issue. I'll give the gel pad a try. Thanks!

  • Bamfan1442, do be careful with the large amounts of ibuprofen since it can cause lots of problems like kidney failure.

    I wish I could give you more suggestions for sleep, but I take doxylamine (Unisom) as needed, and it usually helps.

    I hope you get some restful, comfortable sleep.

  • Bamfan1442 count backwards from 1000 has been helping me. I rarely get past 997

  • I have MS and chronic sleep problems. Sleep study indicated that I have many awakenings when I lie on my back trying to sleep, so I was told to only sleep on my sides. I use one of those contoured, memory foam pillows now, and seem to be doing better, along with my 10 mg melatonin, 100 - 200 mg gabapentin, 1 mg ropinerole, and 30 mg temazepam for sleep. I have also noticed that when I lie on my back, the uvula at the back of my throat relaxes and causes a choking feeling, so that may be the cause of the awakenings when I try to sleep on my back. I have taken sleeping pills, like ambien for many years. Not sure if MS is the cause of my problem or not, but at 74 there's not much else to do but take the pills. I usually get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep on this regime. The sleep studies done by a sleep clinic are very helpful to finding out your specific issues with sleep. I would highly recommend that for anyone with long standing sleep problems, as it could also be apnea, which can be helped with the machines. (Someone asked about locations, I'm in NC, USA.)

  • Thank you Miriade, 4fishylady, greaterexp and erash! I am hoping to get a Rx for sleep when I have my first PCP appointment. Don't have the $$ to go out and buy a special pillow or a bunch of sleeping remedies. But for now, I'll try sleeping on my side and go steal an extra pillow from one of the teenagers rooms! ;-) lol

  • I have been sleeping in my electric reclining chair for about 3yeard. Because I can't get out of my bed by self, sleep is a hard thing to come by. But when I get to sleep I never want to wake up because the dreams I have I don't have MS and I can walk without any problems. Good luck sleeping.

  • Bamfan1442 one of the best investments I have made is a cool gel pillow, cool on both sides, $30 at Costco. My hubby liked it so much I had to get him one. 🤣 It keeps me very cool, which helps me sleep better. I hope you find relief. Kelly

  • Bamfan 1442, it's Fancy1959. Due to the fact that I have fallen so much thus basically tearing my right shoulder literally apart. I actually need a shoulder replacement or major reconstructive surgery, I sleep in a recliner that is very close to a zero gravity recliner. I had broken my opposite shoulder about 15 years ago and while it was healing I also had to sleep in a recliner. I still have sleep issues, like responding to you at 5:30 in the morning. My mind just won't turn off or I over do it like I did yesterday and everything hurts, especially my back, legs, and arms. Then there is all the meds I take. Need I go on! From one sleep deprived person to all the rest, sweet dreams!

  • O my gosh Fancy1959 So sorry to hear about your shoulders no wonder you have troubles sleeping! I can't sleep in the bed or recliner it's getting ridiculous! It's a waterbed, but can't stand the tidal waves rippling around when one of us moves plus I can barely get in and out of it lol. As for the recliner, too hard to sleep on your side in one of those because I can't stay on my back for very long. And when I finally do start to fall asleep the d@#m cat always jumps up on me and scratches the crap out of my legs. I can't cover up with a blanket or I'll wake up drenched in sweat! So regardless I don't get any sleep anywhere I go. Only when my BF leaves for work at 4:30 am (he snores real loud :-( so after that I can usually manage to get a few hours in. But now he's on vacation til next Wednesday uugghh I'm doomed :-/

  • Ibuprofen keeps me from sleeping. It makes my stomach upset. I usually fall asleep on my left then end up on my back. I do move back and forth because of the pain and spasms.

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