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Thank you

I want to take a minute and thank MSAA for all the wonderful things they do for us. I also want to take it a step further and make an extra special thank you to Becky Remington for the amazing, phenomenal work she has done for us in the Texas area. She works her tail off for us and I think she needs to be recognized for all she does. Thank you for all you do Becky...

Crystal Fenn

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Yes, Cfenn ! Thank you for saying all those wonderful things about US! I will certainly pass on your well wishes to our dear friend and South-Central regional director, Becky Remington.

Oh and welcome finally to our My MSAA Community!

- John, MSAA

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I second that :) they sent me Ice pack kit over the summer and it literally saved me. We had spiking temps this summer over 108 F, thank you very much for the support especially when you help make products available to us.


Cfenn, hello it's Fancy1959 and I would officially like to welcome you to this chat room. I would also like to address the wonderful things that the MSAA does on a daily basis. The MSAA has a passion and dedication that is a real force in the advances being made in MS research. I look forward to talking to you soon. Remember together we are stronger.


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