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Have you seen our ASH 2016 coverage yet?

Have you ever taken a break from myeloma therapy?

Have you improved your myeloma care by advocating for yourself or loved one?

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Are you going to learn to how to advocate for yourself by joining our live broadcast on 10.25?

Have you watched the replays of our broadcast this past weekend?

Have you utilized an oncology social worker?

Have you heard of, had or considered immunotherapy as part of your myeloma treatment?

Are you attend our virtual myeloma town meeting on Oct 2nd?

What would you like to see come from Patient Power in the upcoming year?

Have you ever had insurance, billing or hospitalization problems ? Let's talk about it in the comments section and through our blog post!

Who is your primary care partner?

Have you had a transplant as part of your myeloma treatment? Let us know and then watch this video about the role of transplants

Are you going to watch our myeloma town meeting LIVE tomorrow (7.23)?

Have you considered or enrolled in a clinical trial?

We've halfway through 2016! What have you done in 2016 to help yourself grow as a "Powerful Patient"?

Pick your top 3 goals you'd like to see achieved through Moonshot.

How does your GP react to your concerns about issues that could be MM-related? Tick any boxes that may apply & feel free to add further

Do you think pharma companies understand the effect the price of their cancer drugs have on patients and their families?

What was your greatest source of support when you were diagnosed with your myeloma?

This Sunday is National Cancer Survivors Day! How do you bring awareness to cancer survivorship?

What topics would you like to see covered during future Facebook Live Q&A sessions

How Do You "Eat Dessert First" aka living fully despite having cancer? Andrew recently blogged his answer here-http://bit.ly/1OpgBtn

What age were you when your myeloma was diagnosed? Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to expand your answer

How do you cope with your diagnosis? Feel free to leave a comment below, explaining more.

What treatments, if any, have you received for your myeloma?

How were you diagnosed with multiple myeloma? Feel free to reply to expand on your diagnosis experience.

Would you ever or have you ever participated in a clinical trial? Feel free to reply in order to expand on why you selected that answer.

How did you (or your loved one) change your diet after receiving a Myeloma diagnosis? Feel free to expand in comments section.

Do you feel like your relationships have been impacted since your diagnosis?

Have you ever felt confused about the treatment you are receiving, or felt as if your physician was not giving you the right treatment?

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