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Evey time I drive or not?


I Have Fibromyalgia and I'm taking Meds as prescribed. But every time I sit to drive , on my house chair, or on the bed. Does anyone has really excruciating pain from my hips to my waiste and sometimes my back. When I drive and get out of the car it takes a while for me to get out of the car because it hurts to stand up, put my body straight, and walk. This happens every time I'm in the car or in a chair at home sitting. I feel like an old person with a cane to support my standing and walking right away and it's sad because I look like a healthy 45 yrs old (which I am). I want to tell my Dr that the pain Meds and the muscle relaxer doesn't work for every 6 hrs as prescribed and it feels better when I'm just in my bed with pjs and relaxing. I see the Dr this Thursday Nov the 17th. I don't want my Dr to think that the pain Meds doesn't work for a period of time and the muscle relaxer either. This is going to be my 3rd time seeing him and even though he has all my medical records from my previous Dr that I was seeing before I moved to this state. It shows that I've been taking these Meds but I guess I've been on them for a while. Can my body just got used to them that the dose or the med is not helping that much. Please help and advise me what should I do or say. I've been every different Dr's about my Fibro from injections to physical therapy and I feel there's nothing else but in my GP. In feel so out of place with my pain and discomfort.

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Really sorry to hear this but I know exactly how you feel. I am only 46!! My back 'locks' and it takes a little time to get moving as well. I have come off all pain mess except for nerve block injections in my lower back. The only thing I find that helps is heat and I often wear a 16 hour heat wrap to help me get through. Just a thought .......

Sending you lots of hugs and support xxx

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You know that I tried to get off the pain Meds for a couple of weeks while I was taking injections on both of my hips from the top to the side and it would work but last only a week. They told me that they couldn't do anything but forme to see a pain management. Went to pain management got couple of times shots on my lumbar L4-L5. It worked for a couple of days and then the last straw was when the PM doctor shit me from the side of my spine but of course it fail too. I'm so tired of going here, going there, and everywhere lol

I so know what you are going through -it's the same way with me and when you go to the doctor and tell hi the meds are not working he acts as if you are a drug addict and seeking to get pain meds -I just don't know what to do either but my doctor did mention the Butan patch and I hear it has helped ALOT of people -I will let ya know if he puts me on it -he seems to think that antidepressants are the key and I have tried all there is and they do nothing but make me tired and make my migraines worse -hang in there and hopefully we can both find some relief someday