Protecting oneself from the sun

In the hope that the UK will have a proper summer this year and remembering that those of us taking hydroxy have to ensure we are protected from the sun, can anyone recommend a reliable sunscreen? I already use Factor 50 but have read that some of the manufacturers' claims can be over-stated.

I live in West Dorset beside the sea, am not fond of sunbathing but appreciate that one can burn by simply walking around unprotected.

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  • Hi ChrisAnnSen, what a lovely place to live, like you I love being out in the sunshine, so researched sun screens used the P20 and upwards range which were good, but had my friends send me from Australia Solar D sun screen, this is amazing, trust the Auzzies to perfect something like this. It protects you against getting burnt, but allows the suns rays to penetrate your bones allowing vitamin D to get in which is so important as we get older helps with osteoporosis. Wear a hat this protects the head and face some lovely ones out there at the moment, wear sleeves to protect your arms, and do not sit out in the midday sun, but hey you living in such a lovely part of the country you would know this.

    Also keep your water intake up.


  • Thanks Jean, I'll do a bit of research re Solar D sun screen.

  • I have just found that the Solar D is available in the UK at:

    Sounds like a good product

  • Thanks for the link, I ordered today and I've just had an e mail to say dispatched. I intend spending a lot of time in my little garden this summer.


  • I'm off to order some now - before I forget to do it. You never know, the summer may soon be here!

  • Yes, I'd found that link, but you beat me to it. lol

  • Thanks for this - I stayed out of the sun last year but am feeling more "relaxed" this year about my diagnosis. Will be ordering this sun screen and partaking of the rays - hopefully this summer x

  • Just tried to order some on the web site mentioned but was out of stock. Have been using Aveena recommended by a 'skin' consultant at my local hospital. I have no idea of the relative merits of either. Maybe someone else does? Sallie

  • Mine arrived last week. It might be worth keep checking the site to see if they get it back in stock. I bought 2 tubes so that will probably last me a while but nice to know Aveeno do sun cream, I use their moisturiser and really like it.

  • They've obviously had a run of orders because of us! Mine has arrived safely ... but the sunshine has disappeared so I haven't tried it out.

    I'll check out Aveena too which may be more easily available. Thanks Sallie.

  • I have now heard back from my Haemo nurse who has chatted to a Skin Cancer Nurse and these are their recommendations.

    Anthelios Cream SPF 50+ for normal to dry skin on the face and Anthelios Lotion SPF 50+ for the body produced by La Roche-Posay which has a website. Both are shown to be available from my local Boots (which is a small one).

    - or -

    SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ for the body and SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+ for the face. I can't find a local stockist but it is available direct from Like SolarD (mentioned above) this was originally an Australian product.

    Now all Dorset needs is a spot of sunshine so that I can try them out.

  • Thanks for this info Chris, very useful. I'm going to save your post for when I need some more sunscreen. Have 2 tubes of Solar D to use first! Monday looks good for some sunshine!

    Judy x

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