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I am classed as triple neg, I read up on it and feel this is correct, but I still don't feel I have a definitive diagnosis. It has been slightly better since my G.P. spoke to him. My husbands insurance also covers me for distance diagnosis from a company called Best Doctors ( They are very thorough for collection of evidence and are based in Boston U.S.A. I am just curious has anyone come across them before? My G.P. said to go for it!!

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Im also triple negative. My haematologist, basically, said that my defective gene has just not been discovered yet (as it has with the JAK2 etc), but is treating me the same as any other ETer. I would be interested to hear any further information you receive.


O.K. Sue.


I am triple negative too! Just found out today. My platelet count is 591. Is that not considered high? I still have no diagnosis, but seeing heamotoligist again in July, so will find out if my platelet count is then high enough to warrant a bone marrow biopsy. I just want to know if I have ET or not! This waiting is unbearable. Sarahjane.


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