Mindful Emotion Coaching

Binge eating

I just recently joined as I found that I needed some back up for my days of crazy cravings. I had a bad day and found that I was craving something, yet I could not put my finger on it, as I teach about detoxing at retreatbiarritz.com where you can lose (KG (10LBS ) in a short week. I was I was curios about my reasons for this quest I had, Crisps, NO, Peanuts NO, chocolate NO. Being 51 I needed to rule out hormones and decided to just be calm and quiet about the feeling I was having, I asked myself, "what would satisfy me now more than any food?" My answer was that I needed a long silent tight hug, for as long as it took to satisfy the need. I was missing being held and feeling safe and secure. That morning I had experienced a well woman check up and it was not a nice experience. To sit on a Lap and be held, with no words just being held was what I wanted and needed.

As I help ladies to detox and overcome their over eating, I saw this was also a great gift to see that my cravings still come up, and yet can be handled in a way that I can hear and be aware of.

fionarobertson.co teaches about listening into your bodies calling and taking note of what she ( your body) says.

Meditation helps to calm you as well as breathing at times of stress and food cravings. Tuning into what the body is asking for and finding those missing nutrients

Fiona Thanks for listening. I just needed to share that I was about to binge.