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Anybody struggle making themselves understood?

I have been back&forth to my GP for around 10 years with varying degrees of migraine problems. Often I leave in tears at how frustrated I am about being given this drug or that drug to "see how it goes" yet again. I feel like if I'd allow myself to cry in front of the doc then they'd understand, but damn that british stiff upper lip, I think they think I'm coping ok.

I was thinking of writing a letter, to try and get my feelings across properly.

Daft or a decent idea?

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Brilliant idea! You could do a letter, or any sort of writing that will get over how the migraines make you feel and how they impact on your life. Don't forget to put down any medication you've taken and if it helped or not or caused any side effects. I've found that writing it down helps in many ways, if nothing else to get it off my chest, but presenting a doctor with a written record can help to focus your appointment and stops you forgetting what you really want to talk to them about.

Remember that appointments are still quite short so don't go into loads of detail - I've found a time line of events, or information presented in a table to be effective. Make sure you make a spare copy for yourself as sometimes they put what you give them into your notes.

Cry in front of them if you have to, but having done that myself unintentionally once during a bad attack when crying was all I could manage, I can't say it was a very effective way of communicating.


If your GP knew what to do about your migraine he or she would do it. Either change to another GP locally who does understand migraine (??) or go to the National Migraine Clinic in London and they will do a proper (45 mins) assessment of your situation and write a letter to your GP recommending appropriate treatment. They did this for me and my GP (a very nice woman) was pleased and interested to see how it went. You don't need a GP's referral - mine had never heard of the National Migraine Clinic. I think I will still need to go back to NMC if the treatment stops working, but at least now I know where to go. Good luck.


Hi I have also had the same problem explaining the symptoms of migraine, this is because the symptoms cannot easily be explained as I think although there are some similar features ie headache, although I have heard of migraine without headache. Some of the symptoms are very individual. It is a good idea to keep a diary with the main highlights. I took a booklet after I had a minor head injury but the GP did not look at it. I know they are pressed for time, but they should be helping you.


I think I do need to start keeping a proper record, it's something I haven't really done for a while because of so many years failing to find a pattern!

One day I'll haul myself to the NMC and probably wish I had gone years ago haha.

thanks guys =]


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