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Migraines, Vision trouble and neck swelling


Hi there,

Sorry if this is the wrong place but I'd really appriciate any advise.

In February I had been having two months of the worst migraines of my life. They made my speech weird and made me dizzy. They were at the very top on my skull, the back of my head and down one side of my face. One night I had electric shock like pain in my necks Nd there was a tube like shape on one side that was swollen and pulsating like mad. I considered going to a&e because I've never felt anything like it and it made me feel drunk. After that my speech was alot worse and the headaches.


I have had these neck lumps for 6-8 months, I dismissed them thinking it was maybe from a cold but I have had them for so long and a friend was giving me a shoulder massage and found a large,hard lump there that wasn't a knot (which I thought it was.

I attached pictures of my neck.

Finally my migraines died down a bit, bar this feeling that lightning and electric shocks were shooting vertically down my left side of my head into my nose and eye and the top of my left mouth. I am getting bruises and so tired. When I get these migraines it's so painful. The pictures of my eyes are when I get the migraines, with sometimes on eye looking a different direction. This is as wide as I can possibly open them on days where this happens and my vision is usually terrible.

I'm very sorry for the long post. I am 21 years old and trying so hard to get through uni and it's so isolating. I don't like to talk about it and am terrified of being laughed at by a Dr ( this happened when I was young and then I almost died from glandular fever but the way I was treated stuck.)

I am posting on here for anything, advice, help, remidies, if my neck does look swollen or if it's in my head. Please anything would be useful and I truly appriciate it if you have read this far. Kind regards,


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Beio, you need to see a doctor, as you've had swelling that hasn't dissipated. They will take you seriously. Show them these photos, tell them you're having bruising and explain your neurological symptoms. You deserve compassionate , thoughtful and expert care.

Please gather your courage and make an appointment with a doctor today. You'll surely be glad you did❤️

Beio in reply to 1Roseburg1

Thank you, I have had ongoing undiagnosed issues for a while and it's been hell trying to get someone to listen but finally the other month I got reffered to a rhuematologist. I have the appointment on Monday and will definitely bring it up then. Thank you SO so so much for your considerate reply, I really appreciate it.

that isnt "neck swelling," that is specifically cervical lymph node swelling. you may have a bad infection going on.

Beio in reply to breeleefi

Ah I thought so! Thank you very much! I will go to the drs soon!

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