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I get cluster headaches most days.Has anyone had cataract surgery with this condition?

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Hello Funnyboy

Sorry to hear about your never ending migraines.

I am also experiencing daily migraines and have a cataract in one eye. The the migraine occurs on the side of the cataract.

After hearing how easy and virtually painless it is, to remove a cataract, I will be booking an appointment with an opthalmologist soon. Hopefully, the small operation, will stop the migraines.

I will keep you posted.

I wish you all the best and hope things get better for you.


Thanks for ur reply.I get cluster headacres which are not the same as migranes.Hope ur opp. helps.


Hi Funnyboy,

Thanks for your response.

Since I have diagnosed myself, I call my one sided headaches, 'migraines'. They are probably cluster headaches with floaters. However, they are frequently extremely uncomfortable.

Not looking forward to the cataract op. Have to wait up to 2 months for a consultation, under the NHS.


Thanks for ur reply Shaas.With my cluster headaches I seem to get them the same time most days and my eye waters and the acute pain last for about 15 min.I may get another one later in the day. I am waiting to see a consultant about my cataracts. Take care John.


Hi funboyforall, I have cataract surgery on Monday and I 'm diagnosed with migraine with vertigo.

Dizziness are scary and the medication don't help


Hope the surgery goes well.Take care John