I'm new here and found this site this morning when looking for advice. Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed with a severe migraine . I avoided all caffeinated drinks thinking that they would make things worse. This morning I have read that a strong cup of coffee taken with medication can help alleviate symptoms. My migraine attacks started a couple of years ago and the medication that I was prescribed seems not as effective as it was initially. I would like any advice on how to deal with an attack. I appreciate that what works for someone else would possibly not work for me but anything is with a try.

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  • Hello

    Sorry to hear regarding your migraines . I've suffered 18 years, and I'm on medication . I suggest stop drinking coffee as this can be a major trigger to eventually bring on a migraine . Try drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration.


  • Thanks for the information I will try anything to ease the pain


  • My husband suffers from cluster headaches which I realise are different from migraines but he drinks the strongest ground coffee he can which does alleviate the headache somewhat xx good luck x

  • That's good to hear. Next time a migraine starts l will try drinking strong coffee. Does he continue to drink it throughout the attack? X

  • Hi. I was told to avoid caffeine,alcohol,and fizzy drinks however some people say that caffeine can help and there are many migraine medications that contain caffeine. As you say there is a minefield of information and what works for one, doesn't for another. I found it's just trial and error.

  • This is really a question of trial and error. Caffeine can help as some people and be bad for others. I suffer from chronic daily migraine (6 years now) and have tried everything I think over the years. For me, caffeine is a help. (I drink 2 - 3 cups of strong coffee daily) and have found that​ it can reduce severity of pain if I take it early in an attack. I find too, that a teaspoon of ground ginger in some water (drunk down quickly) can also be helpful. Ginger is definitely worth a shot and has no side effects. Good luck! (I also take a daily preventative which has reduced the severity and frequency of attacks by about 40 percent.)

  • Sorry to hear that your migraines are so severe. Tank you for the advice. Chris.

  • Ginger tip sounds very useful do you mean ground as in the jar of spice powder or fresh ginger? Thank you very much.

  • I take ground (in jar) but also make a drink using grated root ginger simmered in water. Powder ginger mixed with water gives more of a "hit" like drinking a shot. I heard of this during the migraine world summit last year, and although it doesn't always work it often helps and I will keep using it as opposed to taking pain killers. Hope it helps you :)

  • Hi

    I have been advised by the migraine centre to have caffeine with my Meds to alleviate a headache as the caffeine helps them to work. They suggested normal Coca-Cola though as the sugar also helps boost your blood sugar which can be low and is sometimes a trigger. But they also say coffee can work. I find I crave coffee if I have a headache but all other times I avoid it and am almost caffeine free. I was also advised to have pain relief as soon as I start the headache sensation either aspirin or brufen with the coke or coffee. Hope this helps

  • Thanks for your reply .I am willing to try anything that will help to ease the pain.


  • Do you take magnesium ? I find it helps reduce the frequency of my headaches. I have magnesium chelate which was recommended. What do you take when you have an attack?

  • I find caffeine can both trigger and elevate when migraine is active when taken with pain relief. Very important to drink plenty of water through-out the day if a caffeine drinker as coffee and tea act as a diuretic.

    Altho i try not to take any meds anymore. It was a vicious cycle for me. Meds did bring about rebound headaches and migraines. I had to stop them and detox for 3 weeks and then I started taking a supplement regime for migraine sufferers of Vitamin B2, (also known as riboflavin), magnesium citrate, feverfew capsules and ginger root capsules. (As a woman i also take b12 daily). It really helps altho you need to build it up in your system, usually 1-3 months, before results are seen, altho for me i felt it within a week. I have also stopped eating gluten and all sugars, including fruits apart from berries. Sugar and gluten were major triggers for me, but didn't realise how much until i fully stopped having them in my diet. I have gone from 2-3 migraines a week to 1 a month which is a menstrual hormonal migraine, even this one is much less severe. Best of luck with your health. Hope this helps. :)

  • Yes menstrual cycle, keep off choc, coffee, tea, spicy foods , cheese and get plenty of sleep.

  • Hello my neurologist gave me AMITRIPTYLINE 20 mg a day but i was taken 10 mg a day for whole 2016 so far i dont have more headaches .. i am happy with that, i was fighting for 25 years of my life with the headaches, I hope it helps you people.

  • Avoid chocolates cheese and caffeeine can all trigger attacks. Triptins help when headache starts but take them as soon as headaches starts or they don't work! Also found GON injections helped

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