Poor Sleep and migraines

Poor Sleep and migraines

I'm really lucky that i don't get migraines - but witnessing others struggle I have seen that poor sleep can make things worse. Improving sleep is my thing - I cracked my own insomnia after decades of dreadful not-sleeping and have spent the last few years working on sleep-related inventions. I'd love to spread info, and so mention this meet-up, at which we hope to give really practical support to Londoners.https://www.meetup.com/London-Sleep-Meetup/

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  • Yip sleep is a huge problem. If i don't get enough i get one but I've also noticed i get insomnia and hyperactive just before a bad attack.

    Thanx for sharing

  • Yes, i have insomnia and if i've had 3 or 4 days straight of only a few hours sleep i know the migraine is going to be bad.

  • I agree 100%, if i have some anxiety and could not sleep until 3 am, following day i woke up with horrible headache and my monster migraines starts waiving me.. best i can do start reading a book, eventually book makes me sleepy..

  • Yes I agree it can be lack of sleep but it's called life , everybody gets tired and need extra sleep for one reason or another . It is not fair that we have to watch what we eat , enough sleep, be careful not to get stressed, environment , climate change , I feel the weather has a lot to do with migraines related .

    Constantly drinking water .

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