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I've been having headaches for 3 weeks now.usually at the back of my head.neck hurts,legs also hurt. Fever a week ago.No appetite and vomits

I went to the school's health service weeks ago and asked the doc about my headaches. She just told me to take headache medicine and observe myself. I did that for about two days only. She said that the headache might have been caused by getting exposed to the sun (but I haven't really been that exposed). After that week, I had a fever for 2 days and I started vommitting the foods I eat. Now that I am well, I still have headaches. My neck hurts already and I find myself losing balance often. My legs also feel tired everyday. My routine is the same as before but it's only now that it hurt me. I can't also stay up late til 2am just like before. I always feel tired and sleepy. I also noticed that I oversleep these days yet I still feel tired and in need of another sleep. It always happened that I wake up at 7 and I accidentally sleep til 8:30. I've also been losing appetite these days..and whenever I eat, I either vomit or just have the feeling of vommitting. I need your help.. I don't know what to do

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I'm no expert, retired vet - but get to your GP ASAP


I agree sweety, get yourself to a dr ASAP! Your symptoms seems neurological.

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It could easily be migraines? All of your symptoms match migraines including tiredness and vomiting and leg pain. The trouble is it could be so many other things too, it could something like a virus too, either way I would go to a doctor hopefully they will be able to ask the right questions like your family history etc as well as analyse your symptoms.



The repliers are all correct, LD; you need to be seen by 1) your GP and 2) a Neurologist. Believe it or not, one HOPES it's Migraines and not anything more serious. To a point, you can control your Migraine situation (I know some are extreme and don't yield to anything) but something like Stroke or a Tumor, you definitely need help controlling! RULE OUT THE SCARY STUFF! . . . then you'll just be stuck life-long with something very annoying that even your friends don't understand. Yes, it is neurological, even if it's Migraines.


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