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Vestbular migraine

Hi all, it's my first post on here,

Been suffering with really bad vertigo symptoms since sept last year and after months of tests my specialist has diagnosed vestibular migraine! I'm a little frustrated as he just diagnosed me then sent me on my way with no care plan! Anyway I have been 5 weeks free form any symptoms until tonight when I had an attack of dizzyness now I feel very strange again. Has anyone else on here been suffering with this type of migraine if so I love to hear from you . Any advise would be great right now


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If you were in the States, I'd say your specialist (is he a Neurologist?) just threw it back to your GP after doing a consult; your GP is supposed to recommend treatment. Unfortunately, most docs don't know much about migraines. I'm fortunate to work at UCLA where I can read Peer-Reviewed articles by Dr. Andrew Charles. Very wise; like the wise people at the UK Migraine Center, he doesn't instantly schedule an MRI (they don't show anything with migraine that less invasive tests would do - and here we pay thru the nose for them!)


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