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Migraine Fact Sheets

The National Migraine Centre has great fact sheets about headaches and migraine on their site. Here are the topics and link to some of those. Complete list below:

What is Migraine – types and symptoms of migraine as well as an introduction to treatments.

Migraine: How to live with it – this looks at what migraine is, which are the most common triggers and gives you some advice on what you can do about it.

Migraine Triggers – the best way to prevent and effectively treat migraine is to address your triggers. These range from irregular sleep patterns to dehydration, but most share a common theme – routine!

Food and migraine – sets out the key points about food (and drink) and migraine.

Migraine, menopause & HRT – explains how hormonal change can trigger attacks and what can be done to prevent them.

Menstrual migraine – what is menstrual migraine and how is it treated.

Migraine and contraception – explains the relation between different contraceptive methods and migraine.

See all here:

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Is any credibility being given to Martin Brink's book "The Migraine Revolution"?


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