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Migraines and light sensitivity

This is now my 30th year of migraines, I get them nearly every day! I have tried tonnes of different medications over the years with no luck yet. The hardest part for me is that I'm a full time carer to my son and I can't always take triptans when I need to because they knock me for 6 for at least 2 hours and if I have to drive to hospital or doctors then it becomes a dilemma. But over the last few months I have tried using specifically made glasses that help with the light sensitivity enabling me to still drive with less pain. Sometimes I've worn them at the start of a migraine and it's got to the point a few times where I could cope with the pain without a triptan. My eyes give a sigh of relief when I'm wearing them! They don't cure my migraines just help me to live a better life sometimes without as much pain. I don't go anywhere without them now, even in Tesco's I get funny looks as I'm walking round the aisles. Well worth the £65 from mediview.

Also on my phone I have a privacy screen protector which is supposed to stop other people seeing what you are doing on the phone, but the benefit to me is it stops the glare off the screen. Looks blooming horrible if your used to a crisp clear picture on your phone as it has like a pixel effect. But I find using my phone easier now.

I would like to know if there are any other ways to help with the light sensitivity?

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Can't help with the light sensitivity but did wonder reading your post if you have ever tried just taking a part dose of whichever triptan rather than a whole triptan.

I use rizatriptan and find that 1/4 of a wafer is generally enough - I don't think it is anything that GPs ever mention but it might be worth giving it a try.

Glad that the spectacles seem to work.


I haven't tried taking part of the tablet or wafer before. Thank you for the suggestion I will have to try that.


I am light sensitive all the time. I always wear a broad brimmed hat. I wear clip on sunglasses as well as fitover sunglasses outside. I tried sunglasses specially made for migraineurs by Axon optics, and they helped some, but not significantly. I also use a double layer umbrella made for sun (by Sunscape). I use an iPad and adjust the screen lighting to low, which is much easier on me than a large, bright computer screen.


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