Neonatal (viral) meningitis, what s the recovery like?

My newborn baby daughter caught enterovirus meningitis when only a week old... Three weeks later and she s still very sleepy, some days are better and she s more awake, other days like the past two days, she just sleeps heavily, with less than one hour waking time. I cannot find many infos on how babies recover from this, how long they take, what symptoms they have.

Anyone have experience with this? It pains me so much to see her like this!

Thanks x

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  • Hi!!! My son had viral meningitis when he was almost three months old. We were so afraid and worried. He was in hospital for five days and a nurse came to the house for five. He adventually started to eat again and wanted to be held again. He made a full recovery. He does have a very low immunity. He catches every little thing going around. I hope this helps and best wishes. Parentofasurvivor

  • Thanks, great to hear it resolved well! can i ask you how long did your son take to recover? My baby girl is about 2 weeks down the line and still very sleepy! How old is your son now?

  • Hi!!! My son is eight years old. He slept a lot at first and still could take a nap after school everyday. It just takes a lot out of them. He has a lot of energy like every kid his age but if he sits still to long he is out. The worse thing is they can't tell you what hurts when they are infants and you just have to guess. I know it is breaking your heart but everyday she will get stronger and she has someone who loves her and will help her recover. Best wishes. Parentofasurvivor

  • My son is 6 weeks old. He was diagnosed with aseptic men when 5 days old and treated with antibiotics for and hospital care for 7 days. I've also had a hard time finding others with similar experiences. It would be nice to have a support group of others.

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