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After several years I still have muscle weakness in my legs does anyone else?

I had viral meningitis several years ago. It was so bad I couldn't walk to the bathroom to throw up I had to pull myself in their by my arms. Ever since than my legs were weak.I gained about 60lbs due to the loss of my strength.

I lost weight,worked out, and try to keep my legs strong but lately they seem to not work well my muscles seem very weak espcially first thing in the mornings in my thigh muscles. I also have a pressure type pain in the top left of my head like I did during the meningitis attack it makes my head feel all tingly. My right arm falls asleep every night like it has no circulation in it. I feel that these maybe still be after effects of my meningitis even after all these years and my GP thinks maybe I am right and is referring me to a neurologist. Has anyone else had long lasting muscle weakness in their legs or the head pressure? I have had all blood work done for vitamin deficiency and thyroid issues my thyroid is underative but I am on the right medication and monitored regularly, my GP seems genuinely concerned about my leg weakness. Any thoughts?


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Hi RH, I have weakness in the hips which I am trying to strengthen with walking and exercises from physio. I have numbness and tingling in all extremities, pelvis and face which is aggrievated with standing and walking and relieved by sitting a few minutes. I am 1 year and 3 months post Bacterial Meningitis. I was diagnosed with general neuropathy of unknown origin this year and I have Fibromyalgia which was diagnosed before the Meningitis. As for the head I am still plagued with headaches and tire easily. Have they done a brain scan recently? Also I do my stretches first thing in the morning and repeat them at bedtime. That helps me with the morning stiffness. Kind Regards. Jeffery


Jeffery, nueropathy issues are very common after VM. It is wise to seek advice from a neurologists at this point. I am wondering why it took your GP this long to refer you. I am only about five weeks post VM and still have muscle weakness, headaches, and fatigue. Especially if I do not get enough rest. Sometimes I think I have caught another virus because of the overall weakness and achiness in my legs but then it dissipates after I rest. The lack of knowledge that the medical profession has about VM is discouraging. You would think by now there would be a vaccine!! I hope you find relief soon! I am contemplating accupuncture for the headaches.



re shuggy advice yes you need to see a neurologists. I had it for about a month after my VM, and also had to use a tens machine, I also went on a diet as the extra fat I was carrying around did not help, so also talk to your doc about your weight, as this will not help, extra 60lb thats just over 4 stone your poor body, cannot manage the extra weight, you need help from your doc, as this will become worse. it would be like carrying a small child, also I would think like me you ate to feel better, thou the sad fact is, it makes it worse on the muscles and the nerves of your body. I know this is a very sad and unhappy time for you, as depression is also a big factor with the after math of the illness, which also leads to eating, please please talk to someone

good luck hon.



Yes muscle weakness in my wife is bad 12+ months on even with physio re-hab hydro pool work etc she wobbles a lot and recently she has been stumbling and fell

her thigh muscles if you see them are gone just saggy skin i dont think they will build up

and she has neuro and neuropathy problems so dont know if thats related too i found she did all the work exercises at the re-hab centre but her body muscle just didnt respond as she's put weight on its actually got worse. and she has a good appetite so thats not the problem


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