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Meningitis Now
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Bacterial Menangitis

I was diagnosed with bacterial menangitis almost 4 wks ago. I finished my IV antibiotics a week ago. I still feel awful. Headaches, fatigue, neck stiffness, body aches, extreme fatigue and confusion upon any physical activity such as household chores, shopping, etc. My husband and friends want me to return to my very physically demanding job next week, especially since I am the only source of income. He is in school and we have no health insurance, sick pay leave, etc. We are basically with abbsolutely no income now. But I see no way I can go to work at this point. Should I attempt it anyway? Will pushing myself help me get better? I don't know what to do.

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Hi, I feel like you should do what your body feels is best. I had bacterial meningitis in April 2017. I returned to work part-time 4 months later but I was also 12 weeks pregnant when I became ill with meningitis. It was a rough recovery. I had meals from family and friend delivered for about a month. Just walking up and down the stairs was difficult. I couldn’t even stand in the shower and needed assistance washing my hair bc I couldn’t reach my arms up bc my neck and shoulders were so sore. Maybe you could ease back into work if they will allow you to work reduced hours. I had low energy so I took it very easy. Just listen to your body & do what you feel is best. Don’t push it because your health is the most important.


Really don't do it. I went back to work too early after BM and it was absolutely the wrong thing to do. I have posted several times about my recovery and I urge you to have a look at those posts. If you can't find them msg me.

To try and get me to understand that I (and others) should be more patient a doctor suggested to me that BM recovery was analogous to recovery from a serious heart attack.

Really really listen to your body and give it time. Rushing will be counterproductive.




Hi, I was diagnosed with BM 3 months ago and spent 7 weeks in hospital so being expected to return to work after 4 weeks is a no-brainier. What people must realise is that this is a very serious illness and whilst the meningitis may have been dealt with, the consequences can be brutal and take many months (not weeks) to recover. I would advise against work and simply try and get better. Your GP should understand this and support you. So don’t give into pressure from outside. Take care and good luck!

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Hi no lifting anything no stairs walks on flat ground listen to your body if it hurts stop this could take up to 8 weeks to start to feel better and 1 year to get to 90% .good luck helpman


My son had it and he went back to school after a month, but was exhausted everyday, he’s very athletic, but couldn’t go back to practice, pushing yourself isn’t going to help....he’s getting up and moving around is crucial, but don’t overdo it. Oh we found out he had it March 13, 2018 & it’s now the end of May and he’s back working out and was able to finish the school year strong.



Bacterial meningitis is a very serious illness. Please don’t rush going back to work, as it will make your recovery longer.

I love my work and wanted to go back before now, but really wouldn’t have been able keep up with it and glad that I didn’t rush back.

I had bacterial meningitis 20th February and I’m still off work, it’s a very similar story for me, and sounds like your experiencing the same after effects. I spent 2 weeks in hospital, 1st week on intensive care in isolation. I had 2 weeks of antibiotics, then just let out with a big bag of pain relief and sent on my way.

People's recovery times are different and I’ve been off work now for 13 weeks, not something that you want to hear. Please take it easy and you need to recover. You’ve been very ill and you family and friends need to understand that, maybe contact and speak with meningitis now to get some more information for them to read.

Hopefully a speedy recovery



I had BM four years ago and still suffer from it. You’ve got to rest and listen to your body as everyone is saying it’s serious stuff. I was off work for about 18 months recovering. You don’t want another relapse so just chill and relax 👍


Listen to your body. l had bacterial menningitis and returned to work too soon. lt took a long time to get over it. Take care


Above replies were accurate. Husband stayed at ICU 30 days, 2 months at friends house while vacationing in Philippines. Its been over 2 yrs now. Still suffering traumatic brain, balancing & neurologic bladder effect from it. At this time still working with medical team , brain & speech specialist to retrain & refine basic skill.

I feel for you. BM & no income is beyond my capacity to advice. Your ATTENDING PHYSICIAN might have resources to keep you safe, recover & resolve financial issue while recovering.

Going back to work is not ideal.


Hello, I had BM in August 2017 and am still suffering side effects, balance, joint pain, hearing and vision, the list goes on. I started working from home on reduced hours in January and in March started going into the office some times, but I am still exhausted. I agree with everyone in that you must listen to your body. Have you considered looking into benefits of some kind? A friend of mine applied for PIP, personal independence payment, it is not much, but it will help you financially. I wish you well.


I was first check with your physician and also how you feel. I was in the hospital a week and on IV’s @ home about 4 weeks so there’s no way I would have been able to go back to work that soon. The headaches alone affect your ability to work & think and then if your still experiencing confusion be cautious. It’s been 2 years now & I still have those headaches but no confusion but the headaches do cause me to miss out on a lot of activities. I retired but I’m spending time with grandkids, etc. I drive, etc. I’m not disabled. I probably could work but honestly I wouldn’t be able to keep a full time job like 8-5 because my body gets too tired. With that being said, I’m 62 years old and you are probably much younger. You MUST however, have an understanding support system because if you are working ; I imagine your other times will require rest. The people I know that have had B.M. ALL agree the best thing and really only thing to help with left over complications is to keep yourself rested. Good Luck! Stay focused and just remember that you have to take care of yourself first. You are going to be okay but don’t try to be SuperWoman. Pace yourself!


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