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10 weeks VM and was doing well but....

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10 weeks post VM. Have been on holidays. Feeling good. Then woke to a day of headaches. It is scary as it brings back to the day I was rushed to hospital with the headaches. I am in the heat so was wondering can this cause some symptoms to come back. Or is it maybe just heatstroke? Feeling unsure and have to fly again. Flight over was bad enough. Now scared to get on plane to go home

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I had near fatal VM 15 years ago and was diagnosed with recurrent VM in 2010 (called Mollaret's) and my repeat attacks are definitely triggered by heat. I have been OK flying but even something like a hot bath can trigger an attack. As you are not far in to your recovery it's likely that your brain is still very sensitive and that heat is probably an aggravator. It doesn't mean you will develop Mollaret's though. Try cool showers two or three times a day, that helps ease the pain for me. I'm not sure if blood vessels expand as they dilate in the heat, my guess is they do, but of course that won't help either in the heat.

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Thank you. Yes I also live in a hot place and when my body is just 'too hot' I just get unwell. Headaches. Sore neck. Etc. I was told this could be a trigger. So at least I now know to be aware. And yes. Hot baths I once lived have been very hard. So no more 😥

Please give my 28 year old daughter's story a read on this site. Rosie S's Story. Here lies sugnificant success (from what we know so far), for complete recovery from VM!

She suffered for near on two years before discovering meningitis now, subsequently trying cranial massage by visiting an independant cranial osteopath in her area.

All the symptoms you are experiencing are pretty much similar to what she suffered. It seems the key, and recent breakthrough, is releasing the spinal fluid which VM leaves a blockage for...and enabling it to flow again through your body, particularly your head.

There are some on this sight who have now given it a go after reading about it, and after just a couple of sessions, felt considerable relief.

In the last few weeks Rosie and I have been contacted by the media, news papers and radio to tell our story of this potential breakthrough!

We now feel we want to help as many poor people who have suffered this dreadful illness for which before now seemed there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Good luck and please keep posted how you get on if you try this amazing treatment. Rosie coupled this with acupuncture, having alternate treatments once a week, now a couple of months in. Xx

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