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Just a little advice..please

Hello, I was admitted with viral meningitis on the 5th of Feb, I was hospitalised for 8 days.

My symptoms were a severe headache, stiff neck & reactive to light, never did I think I could have meningitis.

Since being discharged I've been constantly fatigued and suffering with headaches which are more harder to deal with at night, I only sleep about 3-4hrs a night when I have a headache if that. I've been back to the GP who has advised me to change my pillow & sleeping position. I went back again a few weeks later and they prescribed me some tablets to try & reduce brain membrane swelling.

I'm exhausted my blood pressure is low & I would go as far to say I feel worse now than I did towards the end of my time in hospital. My family keep telling me I look like death and it's starting to really impact on my 2yr old son😢

Is this normal post meningitis? Should I be seeking further medical advice?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Kirsty

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Brace your self, although everyone is different, you may be in for a long ride like most of us are . This could go on for days or it could go on for years .it's been eight months since I've had viral meningitis. My life has never been the same although I have improved I go down easily( I work 3 days and sleep for four )and I have had more after effects that that is aggravating . I have lost some hearing envision . I have sensory overload horrible and get confused easily. These are all minor and I should be grateful because I am much healthier than the first couple months and people have it much worse but it seriously sucks the life out of me .


Hi Kirsty, I'm 15 years post near fatal VM and as becca823 said what you're experiencing is very common post VM. Unfortunately it can take some time to start feeling better and even then this is only if you listen to your body and rest. I remember it was like someone had hit the 'reset' button on my fitness and I could barely move, couldn't string a sentence together properly and walking was uncoordinated and painful. VM and a toddler is not a good combination (my grandson is nearly 2 so I vividly understand) so you may find you have to lean on family and friends to help you get through this because not listening to your body and resting will slow down your recovery. If you're on Facebook you could also join the Meningitis Now Peer Support Group which is also a great resource. If it helps there is light at the end of the tunnel. After a five year break away from triathlon following the VM I was able to get back to the sport and in the past 5 years I have completed 3 half ironman races and last Sunday a half marathon (one of two I'm doing in 2017 leading up to my 4th half ironman in August). Good luck and hang in there!


Hi there. It really is very early days for your recovery, barely 6 weeks and with a toddler. Get rest when & where you can and cram as much nutritious food in as you can. Also make sure you drink plenty of water. It sounds like you GP doesn't have full knowledge of VM which is quite common. If you get in touch with Meningitis Now they have some great support lines and fact sheets that will help with friends , family, doctors and work ( although doesn't have much effect on 2 year olds). Just be reassured that although recovery may take some time, you will get better.


Unfortunately, from my research, it seems everyone has different side effects that can last forever. Mine have seemed to deminish but it's been almost 2 years and I still have issues. I have given up on GP -most have never had meningitis patients and every med they gave me had terrible side effects. I am now trying old medicine such as essential oils and massage to try to repair the damage. Good luck-stay positive-I try to remember I am lucky to have survived. I had bacterial meningitis.

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