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81 and still suffering from meningitis

Had meningitis at age 8 producing learning disabilities but no real problems till 10 years ago. Mayos diagnosed fibromyalgia. Feel like I have the flu 24 hours a day plus periodic extreme exhaustion. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms later in life. ? Any help would be appreciated! I'm new and I also need to add I have pelvic pain especially at night as well as pain from knees down or sometimes sharp pains in my hip .

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Hi Becky

I am not sure what to understand from you post title as to whether you had meningitis in 1981 when you were 8 yrs old or whether you are 81 yrs old now? However, I have also developed fibromyalgia since I had bacterial meningitis & septicaemia in 2011. I queried with Meningitis Now whether this was caused or triggered by the Meningitis. I already knew, that quite a few people on here do go on to have other conditions such as fibromyalgia, ME etc, and Meningitis Now also are aware of that but the connection has not been investigated. It is also possible that having not had Meningitis that we would have developed conditions like fibromyalgia anyway because in the general population it is quite common. If you are experiencing new pain in your hips and knees etc that is not considered to be fibromyalgia then I think it is unlikely to be due to the Meningitis you had age 8 yrs because it would have been an ongoing problem for then.

Best wishes

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Wow, so sorry you have to endure this. I am just going over ramifications in my mind of how viral meningitis happened with me and the timing of a prior surgery (4 yrs) for a partial hysterectomy as a result of fibromyalgia covering over a 1/4 of my uterus. Now back before I was diagnosed with fibroids I had been bleeding heavily every month and enduring the pain, fatigue, and all that it brought for several years. After the surgery that removed my uterus, a tube, and 1 ovary, it seems everything has returned back to normal, no side effects, no hormone imbalance, nothing. To have meningitis after this type surgery, and as you describe flu like symptom may have some type parallel, I don't know. I'm not even 60 yet but it struck me a little peculiar. Thanks for posting.


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