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Bacterial miningitis

My two and half years old was diagnosed with and being treated for bacterial miningitis. She is slowly recovering and her irritation has subsided. She reacts to touch on her legs but does not move the right leg and she laughs and makes laughing sounds and giggles but she does not talk. Will she talk and walk again? I am deeply worried and I live in Sierra Leone Africa. A little information will be very helpful.

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Hi Michaella. What a difficult time for you with your daughter having bacterial meningitis. It is extremely difficult to see your little one suffering so much and as parents we usually wish that it was us rather than them. Recovery is long and slow all though children do often achieve it quicker than adults. That is good to hear that you have acknowledged some small improvements and more will follow. Once the meningitis bugs are resolved much of her recovery will happen back at home. It is a very nasty illness and it can take months for her recovery. Take each day at a time and gradually her abilities will improve. Best wishes


Praying for your little one.. Our daughter took a few months to get back to playing and she was only 11 months when she nearly died. She never really said more than mama but now 10 months later the words have finally started coming. Pray for her and keep talking to your child and loving her. Medical advise I can't give you but she needs time to heal.... allow her body to


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