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Has there been any cases of meningitis B where being diabetic and having a ear infection have caused it?

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Hello - I am not a doctor but definitely know that my own Meningitis B resulted from an untreated inner ear infection, which was said to be viral labrynthitis. Thats also why if a baby has recurrent ear infections they should be treated with antibiotics.Meningitis can enter through the mouth,nose and ears.Not sure if there is any connection with diabetes,but I know diabetics have to be very careful with any cuts,injuries due to the circulation problems it can cause.

Hope this helps?

My Bacterial Meningitis and Septicemia was thought to have been caused by an inner ear infection crossing the blood brain barrier. While in a coma I was taken to theatre at least twice for ops on my ear where it was opened up from the back of the ear lobe, washed out and a grommet inserted. I now have reduced hearing in my left ear but they thought I would completely lose my hearing in that ear. You may find it of interest to read my profile. I am not a diabetic though.

I am not diabetic and I did not get meningitis from an ear infection, but it is suspected that I got meningitis from a sinus infection. Very similar to ear infections, so I would not think it uncommon for you to get meningitis through an ear infection. All the bacteria or virus has to do is jump the barrier as has been said.