Has anyone got any knowledge of Intercranial hypertension? Just wondering as the doctors are thinking my migraines are caused by this now?!

Bacterial meningitis when 10... Paralysed for 12 weeks...still suffering long term disabilities at 49. Doesn't stop me doing challenges to raise money though...!

Have been reading up on it and the symptoms do sound very similar...just don't really want to be on loads of drugs again...have only just got off the beta blockers and amitryptiline...?!

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  • my situation may be very different but my headaches went away after starting on verapomil for high bp. my bp was perfect but the meds lowered the pressure in my head. just over 1 year removed from aseptic meningitis. spent 10 days in hospital and a month mostly at home.

  • I got bacterial meningitis 2.5 years ago. My migraines are directly from that. Before then, maybe 2-3 a year. Now that is my weekly count. My neurologist said that the meninges, the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord, is now stiff from scar tissue and doesn't move as easily as it used to. The meninges is also the only place where headaches happen in the brain. So having this be stiff makes the headaches be migraines more than regular headaches.

  • Hi I suffer with IIH. When I was diagnosed I had a bit of a lucky quick fix with a vp shunt insertion as meds weren't able to control it. Although it does involve surgery if you are not comfortable about being on meds it may be something you could research and talk to your neuro about? IIH.org.uk is a good website to find out more about it and there is a great forum there with lots of advice.

  • Hi guys...thanks for the replies and advise...great to be able to talk to others in the same situation.


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