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Expert lol

Hi everyone , I feel like an expert as this is my second case of VM . How lucky am I .

All I can tell you is its bloody nasty, and the only good thing about having it twice is remembering what I did wrong the first time, such as I won't try decorating the living room after two weeks :(

To me though it seems hospitals and their staff have gone a massive step backwards since my first VM 13years ago.

Same hospital, but everything else was ten times worse this time, appalling conditions and staff who quite openly didnt care about me or the over patients , haven't got time or space to give you the whole story as it was only 5 days ago and they discharged me yesterday, so at home while my wife does their job lol, but better

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Hello Locky72, I hear you about hospital care, In Ontario,Canada it sucks. You are right to believe it is going backwards in efficiency and compassion. If you are lucky there might just be 1 or-2 that know what they are doing and remember that if it wasn't for you they wouldn't have a job. Hope your recovery continues well from here on. Kind Regards, Jeffery


Hi locky72

Just to say get well sooon, thank god for our family's !

I live in Hertfordshire uk and the level of care as what you described seems to be echoed here, very sad I must say.....

Take care

Lots of healing & strength



Hello to all,

I have just got out of Hospital again after my 7th bout of Meningitis - Have to say in the Westcounry (Plymouth) the Hospital and staff were excellent and looked after me listening to what I wanted and giving me the treatment I asked for.

I am sorry to hear of your poor experiences as the illness is bad enough - a bit of quality care and compassion goes a long way and they helped me recover a lot quicker because of this.

Wishing you all a speedy recovery

Kind regards

Ray Ellerby


VM on multiple occasions ? As the wife of a recent sufferer, this terrifies me ! For those who have been unfortunate enough to get it more than once, is it just as severe the second( or third etc) time around ?


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