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When Can we Visit?


I have a good news story about vaccination, as my daughter with cerebral palsy and learning difficulties and is a care home has had her first vaccine. Last week my husband and I had our first jab. My question is when will it be considered "safe" to be able to see her again? We don't want to visit, we just want to take her out to the local park. She has had all her day care and home visits taken from her and loves to go out. I understand the home' s caution as they have not had an outbreak, but when will it end now we have the vaccine.

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Hello Aliwally

It is wonderful news that you have all had your first jab.

The official line from the Government is here - gov.uk/government/publicati...

The relevant bit says

Each care home (the registered manager) is responsible for setting the visiting policy in that home. They should do so on the basis of a dynamic risk assessment taking into consideration the needs of individuals within their home and with regard to the advice of the local Director of Public Health (DPH).

It would be worth asking what the plans are at her care home.

It takes a little while for the vaccine to take effect (generally the protection from the virus starts after 2-3 weeks), and then there is the need for the second vaccine too.

I really hope you are able to take her out, particularly as the weather improves.

Best wishes


Thank you Sarah. We will start to ask the home manager. She was very supportive in the summer when we were able to bring our daughter home based on a risk assessment. It has just been such a long winter without being able to see her or take her out.

Hi there I was told two weeks. I had my jab almost 3 weeks ago. So I went to visit my son yesterday after 3 months of not visiting him. However he lives in he’s supported home , it’s not residential. I could actually have gone visit him in last 3 months since I am part of he’s care team as parent but I made the decision not to so I would not put him or he’s staff or indeed myself at risk.

Good luck.


Good Morning,

Thank you for sharing your story and also to reiterate what Sarah has advised, Each home has a Manager and ultimately it is best to speak with them and come up with individual risk assessments for when it does become possible to visit/take out your Daughter.

I know it's been a very loooooong and incredibly difficult road for all parents, carers, families and of course those in the care homes including the amazing job that the staff are doing under these incredibly difficult times.

There will be light at the end of this long tunnel.

Lyndsey M

Aliwally in reply to Skye_Bear

Thank you. It was awful not being able to have her home at Christmas for the only time in her life and that has made this lockdown seem to go on for ever as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel but it seems a long way off sometimes.

HiWe have a 20 yr old daughter in a Care home with complex needs, DS autism and Hirschsprung’s. So pleased to report that she took the first jab ( had staff at each side and at her feet to prevent kicking, and to allow nurse to jab, was told it was going to happen, then did it immediately). So no real time to object.

Anyway she usually comes home every weekend & always ask mummy, home. So I’m waiting for Boris then plan to ask manager when she thinks Emma could come home as long as we don’t take her anywhere near other people. We have both had first jab but need to wait another 2 weeks.

Will the manager have to agree any visits with local health officer - and who is that?

Aliwally in reply to OldJ

Thank you.Yes, I'm waiting for Boris as well. Sometimes people with learning difficulties in care homes get forgotten as the public just think care homes are for the elderly. Good to see Mencap, Jo Whiley and Ian Rankin raising the profile.

Also Adults living at home with a parent are forgotten ? My 36 yr old son hasnt been contacted I am 67 and still waiting to hear , all my friends who have no caring responsibilities have been vaccinated some are under 65 . GP Reseptionist is not helpful at all ,

Nothing about learning disabilities from yesterdays speech .I have just been onto Essex county council , been pushed from one team to another just to find out if anything in the speech I had missed regarding the opening of day centres , respite, and carers support which I havnt recieved since last march for my 36 yr old son with Severe LD and challenging behaviour . I am a very calm patient person normally but I was met by a very stroppy person who didnt know a thing and wasnt really bothered , I became very frustrated and was holding back the tears but she accused me of being angry and I was taking it out on her which I was definitely not ..it was only less than 5mts call she seemed to be on the defensive from the begining and had a mantra of what to say . I feel absolutely distraught now as she doesnt know me and for once in my 36years of caring got frustrated with the situation . All I wanted was to find out if anyone knew anything as everyone else in the country wanted some sort of road map for the future , a polite phone call from me too social care has left me feeling I I can't cope any more . Waiting for Boris is no good when he hasnt got a clue about LD or carers . I am not a Boris basher

49Twister in reply to Tracidu

I really feel for you Tracidu and honestly don’t know what to say. I know how hard it is I have been there, but it’s got to be a hundred times harder with lockdown. Your right people with LD weren’t mentioned as per usual, so no mention regarding Day Centres etc. I get your frustration totally and the person you spoke to needs some training on customer services so don’t blame yourself it’s tested your patience to the limit.

Do you have a CARERS Centre in your area. If you have I strongly suggest you contact them, they usually are a wealth of information and could possibly help in many areas. Do you have any support for you and your son, you should be entitled to bubble up with someone you know for support. I think this was an issue early on regarding bubbling up with a single adult but It really is exceptional circumstances for you and your son, and lone carers have been totally forgotten. Hope someone else can advise you, take care.

Aliwally in reply to Tracidu

So sorry that you had such a negative response. I also worry about what the post Covid world will look like for people with LD, especially whether Day Centres will go back to how they were.

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